Temperatures are dropping, so it’s time snuggle up by the fire with a winter cocktail and a chunky knit throw to weather out the next snow storm. You’re ready with all of the ingredients for your go-to winter drink of choice, but did you know that your favorite drink can provide insights into your design style too? Perhaps … Continue Reading

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Just as you have a favorite style to decorate your home in, the holidays also have several different styles to choose from. Hands down the most popular is a classic style. It’s what our parents and our parents’ parents chose for their Christmas decor and it invokes those feelings of nostalgia that are so desired … Continue Reading

When most people think of holiday decorating, they think of Santa, snowmen, tinsel and garland. While there’s nothing like some classic red and green decor to get you in the holiday spirit, these pieces aren’t always the most chic or versatile. This year, we’ve been seeing more and more people ditching the traditional decor for … Continue Reading

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