Benjamin Moore Pale Oak Is the Best Greige Paint Color, Per Our Designers

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WORDS BY Rebecca Deczynski

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Published on July 25, 2022

If there’s one color family we love for every style of home, it’s greige. This perfectly balanced neutral combining grey and beige adds a touch of color and warmth to any space without fail. In particular, we always keep a gallon  Benjamin Moore’s Pale Oak on hand. Its smooth, creamy pigment and warm undertones make it a top contender for our all-time favorite neutral.

Benjamin Moore Pale Oak is a designer favorite for its warmth,” says Havenly designer Heather Goerzen. “It’s a timeless shade that pairs well with so many other colors. It’s neutral without being boring.”

Per the brand, the shade is “reminiscent of the majestic white oak,” and it certainly lives up to the hype. From living room to bedroom to home office, Benjamin Moore Pale Oak creates a warm sophistication and quiet elegance, balancing out deep gray and crisp white accents alike. 

Why We Love It

Benjamin Moore Pale Oak in classic living room with navy sofa

In addition to the above reasons, Benjamin Moore Pale Oak feels particularly on-trend at the moment. In recent years, warm neutrals have taken center-stage, replacing the cooler grays that were popular 10 to 15 years ago. Today’s warm neutrals are different from the more yellow-toned hues that dominated in the ’90s, making them easy to match with just about any color palette.

Benjamin Moore Pale Oak is inspired by—you guessed it—the bark of a white oak tree. Because this color is inspired by nature, it lends a more organic feeling to just about any space, whether you use it in your bedroom, bathroom, or all around your home. This also makes it suitable for both historic homes and more contemporary spaces; it’s a versatile hue that adapts to just about any style of interior. 

How to Use Benjamin Moore Pale Oak

Benjamin Moore Pale Oak is a great alternative to pure white or soft gray, whether you use it on your walls, trim, ceiling, or cabinets (or embrace the monochrome trend we love and paint walls and trim the same color). It also plays nicely with other neutrals. Here are a few ways to incorporate Benjamin Moore Pale Oak into your home: 

In the Bedroom

Benjamin Moore Pale Oak in cali cool bedroom with ivory upholstered bed

If you’re not a fan of a dark and moody look in the bedroom, Benjamin Moore Pale Oak might be your perfect match. It gives off a bright and airy vibe that works well with styles that err towards California cool, warm minimalist, and more. Plus, it looks great with a wide variety of flooring options, whether you have carpeting or natural wood planks. 

In the Living Room

Benjamin Moore Pale Oak in living room with rust chairs and cali cool style

A living room should feel warm and inviting, and Benjamin Moore Pale Oak instantly creates a welcoming ambience. It also reads sophisticated, without feeling stuffy. In a space with a lot of natural light, this paint color can help amplify natural brightness. 

In the Dining Room

Benjamin Moore Pale Oak in Scandinavia dining room with bamboo pendant

Traditionally, dining rooms feature more molding than other interiors. That gives you an opportunity to create soft contrast, with beige-leaning Benjamin Moore Pale Oak walls and bright white trim. Not to mention Benjamin Moore Pale Oak helps set the tone for warmth and relaxation—ideal for when you’re hosting company, or just having dinner with your family.

In the Bathroom

Benjamin Moore Pale Oak in bathroom with zellige tile

Benjamin Moore Pale Oak is neutral enough that it can pair with just about any finish in a bathroom (though we are admittedly partial to the way brushed brass punches up the warm neutral). This paint color works well in both small and large spaces, but it can look especially welcoming in a half bath or powder room. Bring the hue to life alongside natural zellige tile, rich handcrafted textiles, and sculptural decor for a timeless look that feels so very on trend.

Hooked on Benjamin Moore Pale Oak but looking to find the right style to incorporate it? Take our style quiz to find your perfect match – and interior designer bff.

Words by Rebecca Deczynski