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Bringing the outside in is easy!

It’s two days until spring! With Daylight Savings behind us, all of the light that’s beaming in our windows after work is inspiring us to bring a more natural touch to our homes. We’re ready to bring the outside in, and channel the warm sunshine that we can’t wait to feel on our skin. Even if it’s not ~quite~ warm enough to sit on the porch, you can bring a fresh feel to any space. Here’s how we’re doing it:

Add Tons of Green

Obviously, the best way to “bring the outside in” is to add nature to your space. Plants are your friends! Check out companies like The Sill and Bloomscape for an easy way to purchase a new plant for your space. Even a small touch of green on your windowsill makes a huge difference.

Choose Natural Textures

Besides adding plants, you can incorporate a great natural feel to any space by bringing in natural fabrics and textures. Look for unfinished wood, leather, or grass. Baskets, pottery, even a pillow with a handmade feel really bring a sense of earthiness to any space.

Open the Windows

This may sound simplistic, but you can’t overestimate the impact of fresh air. Look at the circulation patterns in your space and open up your windows to get that air flowing! It will bring a great spring smell into your home and will blow away all of your winter blues with a few cool breezes.
These fixes are simple but impactful, and will have you feeling ready for spring weather in no time!

Words by Kate Connors

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