Have you been keeping up with all of the royal wedding news? In all honesty, we’re a little addicted. First, it was the wedding invitations. Now, flowers are starting to arrive at St. George’s Chapel for the ceremony Saturday. And there’s the question of Meghan’s dad: will he walk her down the aisle? Was his … Continue Reading

The most essential nursery items for any new family. As most new parents know, kids don’t come with an instruction manual. Lucky for you, when it comes to kid’s bedroom furniture, we’ve got the low down on all the pieces you’ll need until you’re shuffling them out the door for college. For all you new … Continue Reading

Starting a design project can be so exciting: a new space, fresh and just how you want it to look. There’s nothing better! But, the reality is that decorating can (but doesn’t have to be) an expensive process. It’s important to start any design project with a budget in mind. It will help guide the … Continue Reading

Mother’s day is quickly approaching, and while we definitely don’t need a special day to give our moms a gift, it’s likely we’re all on the hunt for something a little special to send her way. Luckily, we spend a lot of time staying in the know about some of our favorite brands. So, we’ve … Continue Reading

Here at Havenly, we’ve made it our business to source the best products from the best vendors, all so that you can enjoy your home with ease. But, we’ve noticed something troubling. While we love traditional throw pillows, it takes so much time to get them just right! They never look as perfect as we’d … Continue Reading

When decorating your home, it’s often easiest to think of tackling one room at a time, as considering the furniture needs and budget required for an entire home can feel daunting. While this approach is great to help break up your budget and make the design process feel more manageable, it’s important to think of … Continue Reading

Does this room get your rose? Shop it here. Another year, means we’re already a few weeks into another season of The Bachelor. We don’t know about you, but a lot of us ladies at HQ can’t get enough of this iconic reality television show (although, some of us are more willing to admit our guilty pleasure … Continue Reading

I once interviewed a roommate by asking if they appreciated “strategically stacked books” so, if that isn’t telling of my love for a good stack of books, I don’t know what is. (If you’re wondering, she looked at me funny and I knew we wouldn’t get along but I lived with her anyway.) I’ve pulled … Continue Reading

Who’s in the mood for love… and a romantic pink room design to match?  Whether it’s a glossy magenta accent wall, a set of blush silk drapes, or a pop of pink in the form of a throw pillow, nothing makes us feel appreciation for all things feminine and romantic quite like this charismatic color family. We love a … Continue Reading

In case you missed the memo, pink is in. But a pepto-bismol colored paradise isn’t for everyone, and like any good interior designer on our team, Stafford knows when to dish it out and reel it back in. Working on her second bedroom project with Jenna Colgrove of Visions of Vogue, Stafford had two options – go grey like … Continue Reading