Color is a universal language that, like any language, takes practice to become fluent in. And it’s this language that helps us decide how to choose paint colors or decor accents in our interior designs. Luckily, there are principals in color theory that teach us the typical human response to certain colors, but even those principals leave us … Continue Reading

While we might not follow every design rule diligently, adding something sculptural to coffee tables or bookshelves is one rule that we follow and celebrate! “Why?” you ask? Well, we love how sculptural pieces add dimension to home styles, and they’re often quirky and unique, making them great statement pieces. So if you’re looking for … Continue Reading

The spot between Winter and Spring can be a stressful period, especially for your home! But don’t fret. It’s easier than ever to update your space to bring in the arrival of warmer days. Take Ikea for example. They’re literally everywhere, and they provide affordable and effective ways to brighten up your space. So start … Continue Reading

If throw pillows could talk, can you imagine the stories they’d tell?! “Why do they let the big guy drool on me during his naps?” Or “Forever an outcast: I was born blue velvet, but they paired me with a family of fringed orange stripes.” And finally, “Why do they karate chop my head every time I manage to smooth … Continue Reading

So, you live in a studio or efficiency apartment and you’re amiss at how to strike the balance between wanting open space and needing privacy and organization. Sure, there are studio apartment design ideas for both, but where’s that ideal middle-ground? Does it even exist? Will you ever be satisfied in your apartment home? And why won’t … Continue Reading

When you glance around your living space, does the room feel a little… off? You know something is wrong, but you can’t quite put your finger on it. This happens to even the most proficient and confident home decorators – You are not alone! Is it possible you’ve fallen victim to one of these 5 … Continue Reading

Interior designers are, 99.9% of the time, unfalteringly selfless. From their gracious personality traits to their on-point style perspectives, they’re constantly striving to make their clients’ dream rooms a reality. And if you’ve ever tried to help someone materialize a dream, you’ll know that it’s no easy feat. There are challenges. Oh so many challenges. So when one of … Continue Reading

Layering rugs is one of the best ways to add dimension and personality to a room. It’s a trend that has been a consistent design touch point in our favorite publications, and it’s one of the most frequently asked questions from our Havenly clients! But knowing how to layer rugs in a pleasing and room-completing way … Continue Reading

These coffee table books you CAN judge by their covers! It almost doesn’t even matter what’s inside them because their covers are so beautiful. They shouldn’t be stuffed on a bookcase somewhere, but rather put on display as a part of what makes a room special. How many of you have tried to put together … Continue Reading

You like to peep, you know you do. Whether it’s an over-the-shoulder glance as you walk by or a full-on window peep-athon, we’re all guilty of the occasional home design voyeurism. Let’s face it, some rooms look too good not to gawk. So how about your own front window? Do people stop and stare or … Continue Reading