Gold in color and fizzy enough to sparkle, ‘The Cinematic’ is a delicious and unusual treat that’s perfect for a glamorous evening. While you watch the red carpet fly by (oh, those gowns!), sip on this delicious honey and fig infused treat! It might even be good for you– figs are full of vitamins that are purported … Continue Reading

When we started making playlists to accompany some of our favorite events and design styles, we weren’t sure how best to present them to you, our faithful readers. In fact, for several months, those playlists lived on my personal Spotify account. While it was flattering to receive follows from strangers as they discovered our Havenly … Continue Reading

The big holiday entertaining season is in full swing, and while we all have dreams of perfectly curated decorative tablescapes, sometimes it can be harder to execute than expected. For example, this Thanksgiving, responsible for the family table’s look, I ran to Whole Foods for greenery. Unfortunately, the only thing left in the floral department was … Continue Reading

While we curated a list of Desert Daydream products that channel a warm weather festive vibe perfect for Palm Springs, we definitely have favorites. So, we’ve featured our very favorite items here, just for you! Flash Small Mint Glass Tree A take on the Christmas tree that’s totally in tune with Palm Springs’ midcentury style, … Continue Reading

We’ve got the low-down on the best tips to prepare for even the most high-maintenance  visitors. It’s the time of year when many of us are preparing to visit friends and family near and far. But, what if you’re the designated host? It can be stressful to house the out-of-towners, no matter how low key they are. … Continue Reading

No celebration is complete without an appropriate soundtrack, so we’ve created a playlist that will perfectly complement your East Coast-y Toasty celebration. It’s full of roots-influenced folk that brings to life a winter among the mountains and forests of the northeast. Warm and welcoming, it’ll be the perfect backdrop to whatever your holiday celebration entails: … Continue Reading

Any celebration deserves attention to detail– and one of our favorites is an on-theme cocktail. They’re not as hard as you think to make, and they add delight to an already pleasant experience. For our East Coast-y Toasty celebration style, we wanted to channel warm and traditional holiday vibes. Think spices, warmed drinks, and old … Continue Reading

A rebellious playlist perfect for your untraditional celebration style! We’ve pulled together a playlist that’ll perfectly complement your London Calling celebration style. It’s full of iconic British artists who challenged the status quo– just like your style challenges traditional holiday expectations. You won’t find any Christmas music (we like to be inclusive), but all of … Continue Reading

Any party needs a signature cocktail (or two!) to really make it special. Guests love the novelty of drinking something special, and hosts should never lose an opportunity to be on-theme. If your celebration style is London Calling, you’re likely a fan of classic brown liquor, but aren’t afraid to try something new. Below, find … Continue Reading

The holiday style that celebrates a winter wonderland. A Mountain-Bound Mariah Carey There’s something dreamy about a snowy holiday season–it’s just a little bit of extra magic that creates such a cozy atmosphere. As we designed our 2017 celebration styles, we kept coming back to that feeling. Of course, we drew in some other inspiration: Aspen’s over-the-top … Continue Reading