If you’re looking to add pizzazz to your holiday table this year, look no further! We’re here to help you with tips on how to style a modern holiday table. Traditional looks during the holidays bring back the good vibes of holidays past, but sometimes the best way to set the mood of celebration is to … Continue Reading

We love a great party (and a nice glass of wine too), but we grow tired of the same standard drinkware and barware. With the holidays quickly approaching, it’s time to step up your game as a host or hostess and add a personal touch to your party. We hear you already make a mean … Continue Reading

We love a good fall tablescape. Perhaps it’s the warm hues and rich textures of a well-designed table, or maybe it’s the nostalgia of all things fall. Either way, there’s something about an enchanting tablescape that makes us yearn for a group of friends and family to share a meal with. We’ve put together a … Continue Reading

The outdoor entertaining season is soon approaching— lucky you, you’ll be hosting one of these events! You’re really excited, but also quite frantic about all the details that need to be planned to make sure your guests have a great time! The novelty about outdoor entertaining is that it feels effortless and relaxing. For the … Continue Reading

We’ve been dreaming about summer all winter long, so you’d better believe that we’re going to grab the season by its blossoms and make the most of it! The #1 item on out to-do lists: Perfecting our patio lounge space. There is nothing worse than setting out to catch a breeze and finding yourself in a chair … Continue Reading

When summer comes strolling into our lives, it brings a lot of magical moments along with it. There’s the first fireflies, the first warm breezes, the sound of kids playing late into the night, and the smell of neighbors grilling. But our favorite summer moment has to be the cherished outdoor dinner party. It’s everything we … Continue Reading

It’s 6 p.m. on a Friday night. After a long and strenuous day at the office, you arrive home only to find your place filled with clutter that has been neglected for the past week. For many of us, the weekends are devoted to unwinding – it’s a time for us to recharge and get … Continue Reading

We can hardly believe we’ve already come upon that time of year where sports dominate much of our weekend activities – it seems like just yesterday that we were decorating for the holidays or counting down as the ball dropped. But we blinked, and it’s nearly February! The big game will be here before you … Continue Reading

At Havenly, we believe that your spaces for entertaining can and should reflect your personal style. Entertaining is just so much more rewarding when your space says: “this is who I am – you’re welcome.”  After all, when you invite people over for a dinner party, they’re not coming just for the food, they’re coming to meet the … Continue Reading

Throwing a good party is all in the details: Are the finger foods store-bought or homemade? Are you serving drinks in plastic cups or glassware? Are you using paper plates & tupperware to display desserts, or do you have a variety of stands & bowls? Throwing a great party is all in taking those details … Continue Reading