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It’s the time of year when we all start agonizing about finding the perfect gifts for our loved ones. Luckily, we’ve made it easy to shop our huge catalogue of beautiful home decor. This year, we created four gift guides designed to cover almost everyone you know. Mom, dad, sister and brother all have curated gift guides up in the Havenly shop. And don’t feel boxed in: we picked those gift categories because they’re often the gifts we have the most trouble buying. But, don’t be afraid to apply our suggestions to gifts for your cousins, aunts, and friends.

Here are five picks we love for the guy who is tired of socks for Christmas.

Vinyl Storage That’s Actually Stylish

Vinyl is back, but stacks of records on the floor were never stylish. This cart is a cool gift to showcase his collection and keep it contained. Throw in a relevant book to finish out the display and you’re guaranteed to score high on the best-gift list.

Art to Replace Those College Posters

He’s too old for posters. Get his cool-art collection started with prints of iconic rock photography, sexy vintage prints, or even a cheeky movie still. Be sure to get them pre-framed…he’ll thank you for it!

Throw Pillows to Finish The Space

For some reason, men seem to have trouble adding those important finishing touches to their spaces. A throw pillow is the perfect gift because it makes their home look finished, and actually adds a comfortable touch to any couch-lounging they’re planning on doing. We like these wool styles inspired by camp blankets.

A Cookbook They’ll Actually Use

Let him channel his inner chef without all of the stress of a major meal. A cookbook that focuses on simple-yet-delicious meals is a no-brainer. This one focuses on one pot wonders, which is even better because it minimizes the dishes he’ll have to do afterwards.


Barware To Impress His Friends

Every guy loves to one-up his friends with his hosting chops. A nice barware set, bar cart, or mixology equipment are always great gifts. Throw in a bottle of something nice and he’ll be ready to throw the New Year’s Eve party.

Shop all of our gift picks for the guys.

Words by Kate Connors