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Today we’d like to shine our Designer Spotlight on Stafford B., a prolific Havenly designer with over 770 designs under her belt. From envy-inducing living rooms to cool and sophisticated bedrooms, Stafford is supremely talented at making design dreams come true. Check out some of her designs. And if you’re feeling inspired, book her today and #GetDecorated!

Stafford B.’s Havenly Designs

Sarah F.'s Envy-Inducing Living Room



In Sarah F.’s living room design project, Stafford was able to inspire a bit of self home envy. As the final touches were made to the design, Sarah’s home-to-be was really taking shape. With all of the moving still ahead of her and the design already accomplished, it’s not difficult to imagine that there was a little bit of self home envy happening at this point.

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Sarah: “Thank you so much, this looks fantastic! I am so excited to move in, and start to see it all come to life!”

A Cool, Calm & Sophisticated Bedroom Project


To some, Havenly designer Stafford B. might appear to have psychic abilities. And maybe she does, we certainly won’t hold it against her. But it’s not all clairvoyance (or luck). Stafford’s uncanny knack for translating design dreams into physical spaces is rooted in her tried-and-true approach to design.

In this bedroom design project for blogger Jenna C., Stafford was able to translate a few pre-selected items and color choices into an utterly sophisticated bedroom.

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Fulfilling A Decorating Wish list

One of the common misconceptions about home design is that creating a professionally-designed space takes forever and costs a fortune. Luckily for everyone, designers like Stafford know the truth: Checking home design off your wish-list is easy and affordable.

Case in point: Eunice P., a busy mother of 3 with dreams of redecorating her entire home. She knew that a home design undertaking of this size would require a professional touch, so she called on Havenly to transform her abode. Eunice took our quick style quiz, paired with Havenly design guru Stafford B., and the rest is design history!

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