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It’s hard to believe the holidays are already here—what a year! While many of us may not be traveling home for the holidays, it doesn’t mean our Christmas has to be anything short of the merriest. Celebrate digitally during your next meeting or holiday hangs with spirited backdrops that will turn your Zoom call into a festive fête. 

Deck the halls without, well, decking the halls, with our holiday-themed Zoom backgrounds created by our Havenly designers just for you. Pour a glass of eggnog or a hot toddy, crank your Christmas carols, and give ‘em a go at your next virtual gathering.

Merry Minimalist-mas

For those who wish for just a touch of holiday rather than making it look like Santa’s workshop exploded in your living room, these minimalistic backgrounds are just right. Both feature a classic wreath and small tree tucked into the corner, plus creamy white furniture and metallic gold accents for the perfect touch of festive that isn’t too over the top.

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Designed by Katie Reardon

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Designed by Erin West

Under the Tree

These backgrounds just beg you to gather ‘round the tree on Christmas morning for gift unwrapping and stocking unstuffing. Stockings are hung on the chimney with care, and trees glitter with ornaments in these classic Christmas living room backgrounds. 

The top image is a dark and dramatic—yet cozy—space for all to gather near, awaiting reindeer footsteps on the roof. The second background’s boho-style of mixed textures of leather and wood makes for a more modern and spunky holiday, keeping you cozy—even as snow sprinkles down outside the window.

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Designed by Annie Mueller

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Designed by Haley Murray

Winter Wonderland

Forget the tree—this room’s holiday glamor comes from touches of greenery, decorative accents, and strategically placed ornaments on the corner for a unique take on Christmas decorations. The blend of luxe white couches, rattan poufs, and a woven wall hang perfectly blends boho and glam style for a digital living room that is uniquely yours.

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Designed by Sarah Jones

Dreaming of a White Christmas

These backgrounds evoke the childlike excitement of waking to a white Christmas with snow softly falling outside the window—just all grown up. In the first background, modern, lightly colored furniture dons cozy accents such as fluffed throw pillows and a furry blanket to curl up in against the cold. A boldly-gold decorated tree shines with holiday glam. In the second background, glittering trees light up the corner and velvety green accents cloak the room for a warm holiday feel. In both, a winter wonderland peeps through the windows.

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Designed by Kelsey Fischer

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Designed by Kylie Briggs

Backyard Bliss-mas

Get your Christmas-vacation feel with this tropical-inspired backyard, complete with pool and palm trees abound. Twinkling lights twist around columns and the eaves to evoke a sense of festivity while still letting the setting shine. A tiny table top tree glistens for another hint of holiday. Kick back and relax, you’ve earned it this year.

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Designed by Megan VanKanegan

Holiday Hearth

Warm your chilly self around the fire with these light and cozy holiday living room backgrounds. White and wood accents in each give them a modern feel, while the bottom image incorporates wood for a bit of boho-style texture and interest. Sparsely decorated tree collections sit in the corner, while holiday greenery graces the hearths. In each, a glowing fireplace warm the room.

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Designed by Stacy Harwood

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Designed by Yoseika Castillo

Holiday Hygge

Tis the season for coziness, and these designs infuse seasonal warmth alongside sophisticated comfort. Timeless neutral palettes meet amber and gold accents, natural knits mingle with shearling details, while luxurious throws and stacked logs beg you to curl up by the fireplace (spiked cocoa in hand).These backgrounds embrace understated twists on tradition, like a merry ensemble of minimalist pines or a mantle vignette complete with feather wreath and leather trees. Whether a more natural take as in the first design, or a hint of luxe in the second, the result is a digital holiday scene that feels oh so warm and welcoming. Be prepared for compliments. 

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Designed by Heather Goerzen

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Designed by Shelby Girard

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Words by Avery Johnson