Congratulations! You’re engaged, you took the ring selfies, and (maybe) you’ve set a date. But now, the prospect of planning a wedding is looming large on the horizon. It’s daunting, but the good news is that we’ve partnered with Onomie to start you out on the right foot. We want you to plan the wedding of … Continue Reading

We all want that perfectly polished yet relaxed and effortlessly styled bookcase, but achieving it can be a daunting task.  How do you know if you have too many books?  And when do you know if you’ve found the right spot for your favorite gold vase?  No sweat – we’ve outlined a few simple steps … Continue Reading

Many of us at Havenly have fled bigger cities to come to Denver for a backdrop with mountains, 300 days of sunshine and an exciting, growing tech scene. Denver happens to be one of those cities that is best enjoyed with a little guidance. You need to know where to seek those hidden gems, or … Continue Reading

I’m Lauren, or “LC” as they know me at HQ, and I’m a Design Assistant here at Havenly.  I work closely with all of our talented designers and work on a few design projects of my own too, so I’m constantly exposed to the latest design trends and browsing through the latest furniture collections.  (Can … Continue Reading

Area rugs are essential for tying together the different pieces of furniture in a conversation area. They serve as an anchor for the space and visually separate areas that are used for different purposes. One of the most common questions we get in Design Quickie is “I need a rug to tie it all together.” Let … Continue Reading

Pop quiz: how do you hang a set of curtains? How high should your curtain rod sit above the window? How many panels do you need? What material should you use? Are they “drapes” or “curtains”? Rest easy — we’ve got you covered with our fool proof curtain hanging tips. 1. Hang them high Especially … Continue Reading

Men have the man cave, so why shouldn’t women have their own retreat? A place to have a little you-time and focus on the things that relax and interest you – away from the craziness of the rest of the house. You deserve it, so find a small space in your home and follow our … Continue Reading

College (okay, after Freshman year) is a time that you start to realize that your surroundings at home are really important and really can affect your day-to-day. Anticipate a really solid “aha” moment followed by an “oh no” moment when you realize that you don’t have the money to bring your dreamy Pinterest board to … Continue Reading

In this month’s edition of Design Quickie Q’s, we talk rugs, mixing and matching patterns, and more! Q: What size rug should I get for my bedroom? Ideally you want about your rug to extend at least 18″ outside of your bedframe, so you have a comfortable landing strip when you get out of bed.   … Continue Reading

By the end of the day on Friday, especially after a long week, we always only want three things: sweatpants, comfort food, and a nice glass of wine. There’s no better way to decompress! For Havenly client Joy L, before she can unwind, she makes the commute from her New York City apartment to her home in Long Island … Continue Reading