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There’s so much you want to do this year. Bond with your loved ones while prioritizing “me time.” Set aside money for that bucket-list vacation. And don’t forget to save the planet. 

Reaching lofty, long-term goals gets exponentially easier when you break them down into small, achievable steps. A bite-sized approach allows you to focus on today, gain confidence as you gain momentum, and celebrate little victories while you work toward tomorrow. 

Like change, goal-setting starts at home. Home is where you rest, recharge and reset for the day ahead. And when you feel accomplished there, it translates to the rest of your life. 

You may be surprised to learn how investing in a few new gadgets and goods can help you establish new routines and reach your personal goals. Surrounding yourself with things you genuinely like and want to use will make you more likely to follow through on your small, but impactful, lifestyle changes. 

Here’s how you can set yourself up for goal-crushing success at home.

If Your Goal is Spending Quality Time with Family and Friends...

… Set yourself up for success by creating an inviting “stay-in” environment  

Is your living room all function and no fun? 

Upgrade your space for casual entertaining with items that add flexibility to your seating arrangements. Think large throw pillows, a pouf or two, small trays or side tables, and an ottoman that can double as a coffee table or playing surface for games.

Next, level up your haphazard liquor cabinet by transferring your spirits and mixers to a sleek bar cart. And turn snacking into a multi-sensory experience by bringing the unmistakable sound, mouthwatering aroma and decadent taste of movie theater popcorn into your home.

Finally, seed your space with entertainment options that go beyond your TV and gaming system. Start with a hip record player (invite your friends over for a spin of their favorite vinyl) and add some of the latest party games to your rotation.

You just created the best place to be on a Friday night.

If Your Goal is Practicing Self Care...

… Set yourself up for success by surrounding yourself with comfort

When life gets harried, it’s even more important to make time for yourself in the comfort of your home. Think about what makes you feel most pampered and invest there.

There’s something so soothing about a cup of hot tea. It forces you to sip, not gulp. Reflect, not race. Treat yourself to a gorgeous, marbleized enamel tea pot that’s a treat to use and pour your Earl Grey into a “Cup of Cozy” mug

Then light a candle with a heavenly scent and let yourself get hypnotized by the flickering flame while you practice gratitude. 

When it’s time for bed, drift off to restorative sleep with the help of a chamomile and lavender air mist. And when you wake up, head to your kitchen for more me time.

If Your Goal is Saving Money by Skipping Your Morning Latte...

… Set yourself up for success by creating an in-home coffee shop

Being your own barista is worth getting out of bed for when you stock your kitchen with tools for a morning coffee ritual that is distinctly yours—and a good deal more zen than waiting in line for your latte.

A French press makes an outstanding cup of coffee, and this stoneware Le Creuset model is so pretty it demands to be left on the counter ’round the clock. 

Take your grounds out of the pouch and store them in an airtight container that keeps your coffee fresh and gives your kitchen a fresh shot of style.

Treat yourself to a new mug or two, and hang them in your kitchen for all to see. 

If Your Goal is Reconnecting with Nature...

… Set yourself up for success by inviting nature into your home

For many people, nourishing a single plant or a lush garden is a way to nourish your soul. Plants can also help purify indoor air, and there’s nothing so life-affirming as the aroma of fresh-cut flowers. 

Exercise your green thumb by growing your own herbs, sprouts or microgreens, or tending a houseplant so difficult to kill its motto could be “it’s easy being green.” An adorable Anthropologie watering can turns routine plant care into an enjoyable ritual.

For an even easier dose of nature, commit to brightening your home once a week with fresh flowers. Showcase them in a vase that’s eye-catching whether empty or bursting with blooms. 

And don’t forget to display your arrangement for everyone to see when you gather in “quality time” living room for games, music, conversation and connection.


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Words by Emma Diehl