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It’s November, which means we’re planning for ~the big meal~ . Mostly, we’ll be dreaming of all the delicious dishes that are sure to be served, but as designers, we’re also thinking up the prettiest way to showcase all the food! While you may not have a ton of room for a centerpiece on your table (the turkey has to go somewhere, after all), we believe there’s always space for a pretty centerpiece that adds to the festive feel.

Go Horizontal

One of our favorite looks for a festive table is using lots of greenery to create a runner down the center! It looks so beautiful and is relatively easy to create, even on a budget. We like to get bunches from the local grocery store, and use whatever is available. Magnolia, eucalyptus, even pine trimmed from your yard look great here. You can spend a little more and pick up a few small accent flowers to add dimension and color throughout the greenery, too.

Light it Up

Dark nights call for plenty of light! Candles make a beautiful and dramatic centerpiece, and we prefer “more is more” in this case. Tall candlesticks, votives, tapers and pillar candles can be grouped together for a fun, eclectic look. Try using metallic candlesticks and holders, or picking up a few different colors to group together in a fun vignette.

Wild Card

While “centerpiece” tends to make you think of an arrangement at the center of the table, don’t let that box you in. Instead, put the food in the center, and add decorative elements around your plates! Greenery, flowers, ornaments, small candles, even LED lights look wonderful when you use them in unexpected places! Just be sure to leave room for elbows after everyone is overfully full at the end of the meal.

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Words by Kate Connors