When decorating your home, it’s often easiest to think of tackling one room at a time, as considering the furniture needs and budget required for an entire home can feel daunting. While this approach is great to help break up your budget and make the design process feel more manageable, it’s important to think of … Continue Reading

You’ve finished your Havenly process, put in the order, and now….you wait. Waiting is the worst! Especially when you’ve just been presented with the room of your dreams! Don’t worry… there are a few things you can do to make the wait seem less daunting. Re-review Your Layout Your designer has given you a blueprint … Continue Reading

  Many people comment that their spaces feel “unfinished” compared to the images shared by interior designers or brands. The reason, of course, is that those images are created with the help of professional stylists, who are used to thinking through every detail of the shot. The accessories, the colors, the patterns– stylists carefully consider all … Continue Reading

So, you’re ready to kick off a new design project.  Congrats!  To make sure that you will end up with a design that you love for your new favorite room in the house, let’s make sure you’re set for success before beginning your Havenly design. Before Your Project Launches… We don’t expect you to have a perfectly … Continue Reading

Moving into a new house can be exciting — and overwhelming at the same time. Unless you’re starting from scratch, you likely have a few existing pieces of furniture that you’re taking to your new place. But how do you know what to keep and what to let go? Follow our expert tips to make … Continue Reading

Whether you are starting a Havenly project or you’re just looking to define your own aesthetic, finding your design style can be difficult. There’s a wealth of images and media that discusses the subject- everything from Pinterest boards to endless HGTV shows for any taste. It can honestly be a little bit overwhelming. But, interior … Continue Reading

It’s easy to choose pieces you love for your home. After all, most of us have pretty solid opinions about our own design styles.  But that doesn’t make it easy to choose a layout for your space that is both beautiful and functional. While no room is the same, interior designers tend to use certain … Continue Reading

It’s almost Valentine’s day, and while there are plenty of classic ways to celebrate the holiday with the people you love, we decided to take a low-key approach this year. We imagined a romantic, euro-inspired dinner for two. After all, the way to the heart is through the stomach! So whether you’re celebrating a valentine, … Continue Reading

Spring is just around the corner (finally!), which also means that for a lot of people, moving season is just about to happen! It’s the time of year when homes are listed and deals are made, so we wanted to bring you some of our best design advice tailored to those of you who are … Continue Reading

When we started making playlists to accompany some of our favorite events and design styles, we weren’t sure how best to present them to you, our faithful readers. In fact, for several months, those playlists lived on my personal Spotify account. While it was flattering to receive follows from strangers as they discovered our Havenly … Continue Reading