Instagram as design inspiration can be a deep, dark, overwhelming hole. But, scrolling through endless images of gorgeous homes, staged to perfection can be a bit discouraging. Are these homes real? Do they have kids?  That’s a question we find ourselves asking, especially as Mother’s Day approaches. But, we’ve been following some inspiring designer moms … Continue Reading

We get so many design questions every month, we can’t help but want to share all of our great answers. It’s our job, after all! Read on for a selection of your toughest design questions from the past month, and don’t forget that we’re always ready to answer more over at design quickie. Q: How … Continue Reading

Well, the game has been played and a champion crowned. Luckily, Design Madness wrapped up last night too, and we have a winner! Hannah C.’s Modern Farmhouse design took the championship, and deservedly so! Those gorgeous beams, soothing colors, and gorgeous, natural details are so beautiful. Luckily, you can shop the design too. Enjoy all … Continue Reading

Here at Havenly, we’ve made it our business to source the best products from the best vendors, all so that you can enjoy your home with ease. But, we’ve noticed something troubling. While we love traditional throw pillows, it takes so much time to get them just right! They never look as perfect as we’d … Continue Reading

Listen up, y’all, because this is it. “It” as in your last chance to vote for a winner in our Design Madness competition! We’re down to a battle between Glam and Modern Farmhouse, arguably our two most popular design styles. It’s a battle between flashy and subtle, lush and serene. Who will win? Glam(ish) Hannah … Continue Reading

Have your stairs seen better days? Depending on the quality and how roughed up they are, sometimes painting your stairs can be a better (and cheaper!) bet than attempting to re-stain or re-finish. It’s a perfect choice for modern farmhouse enthusiasts, and if you’re going for a unique and modern look, you can also get … Continue Reading

Are you looking to sell your home this season? Getting a home ready to be shown can be a daunting, but necessary step towards making the sale. Our design experts share a few tips on what steps to take before putting your house on the market. Declutter. The most obvious — pack up personal photos … Continue Reading

Get your voting hands ready, it’s finally time for the most exciting part of our annual Design Madness competition! We’re down to four competitors, one representing each design-centric bracket. Who will prevail to represent the two best designs in our entire competition? That’s up to you! Without further ado, the final four competitors standing: Prep-clectic … Continue Reading

It’s finally March, and you know what that means! No, I’m not talking about basketball, although we’re definitely fans here at Havenly. No, it’s finally time for the year’s most anticipated bracket: Design Madness 2018! Here’s how it works: we partnered with our friends over at Hayneedle to bring you a sweet 16 Havenly designs … Continue Reading

It’s a universal truth: with little ones, comes toys. Lots of toys. Sometimes… lots and lots of toys. Do you feel like you’re drowning in dolls, trucks, and Legos? It doesn’t have to be this way — we’re here to help. Read on for our favorite toy storage solutions and reclaim some of that floor space from Mickey and … Continue Reading