College (okay, after Freshman year) is a time that you start to realize that your surroundings at home are really important and really can affect your day-to-day. Anticipate a really solid “aha” moment followed by an “oh no” moment when you realize that you don’t have the money to bring your dreamy Pinterest board to … Continue Reading

In this month’s edition of Design Quickie Q’s, we talk rugs, mixing and matching patterns, and more! Q: What size rug should I get for my bedroom? Ideally you want about your rug to extend at least 18″ outside of your bedframe, so you have a comfortable landing strip when you get out of bed.   … Continue Reading

By the end of the day on Friday, especially after a long week, we always only want three things: sweatpants, comfort food, and a nice glass of wine. There’s no better way to decompress! For Havenly client Joy L, before she can unwind, she makes the commute from her New York City apartment to her home in Long Island … Continue Reading

One of our Havenly designers, Kylie Williams, weighs in on what she seems coming around the corner for colors. Always keeping up with the latest trends, I decided to do a little research on what the next color forecasts were for the interior design industry. I’m excited to say that although we’re not quite ½ way through … Continue Reading

We’re big fans of Chicago for many reasons, but mostly because it’s one of those places that never fails to inspire. How is it that a city that is not New York City can have so much style?! Just kidding – but not entirely. In addition to loving the style of the city, we’re also going … Continue Reading

I’m Gillian, the Sr. Manager of Brand here at Havenly. I help define the brand visually and through messaging and copywriting. Styling homes comes with the job since that’s what we do, so naturally, I get to work with various aesthetics to source products to perfect the shot. That’s why I wanted to create a … Continue Reading

I once interviewed a roommate by asking if they appreciated “strategically stacked books” so, if that isn’t telling of my love for a good stack of books, I don’t know what is. (If you’re wondering, she looked at me funny and I knew we wouldn’t get along but I lived with her anyway.) I’ve pulled … Continue Reading

CB2 has always been a Havenly-favorite retailer (surprise, surprise) and we’re sure it’s also no surprise that we’re in love with CB2’s new line. Their recent product releases last week brought our love affair to a new level. In fact, you should have seen us huddled around our Head of Design, Shelby’s, computer screen to … Continue Reading

We get so many great questions about designing and improving your home on Design Quickie, it would be a shame not to share. We’ll be rounding up our top 5 DQ Q’s monthly so you can put all this design advice to use yourself! Q: What are the best neutral paint colors for a room, especially … Continue Reading

“I’ve always wanted a space that feels just like mine.” For some of us this room is in our house and for others, it’s in our imagination. Wherever it may be, it’s a really fun concept, isn’t it? A place that feels relaxing, where you can sit with your friends, do yoga, a place you … Continue Reading