Your patio is prepped, the party planned, and you’re ready to spend the holiday outside. But what to drink? Beer is always great, but kick things up a notch with a special cocktail. This is one of our favorites, perfectly refreshing for warm weather days. And it’s made from tequila, so you know it’s fun. … Continue Reading

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It’s patio season! Spruce up your spread with a new planter or two. They’re simply perfect for holding a special variety or creating an interesting vignette, even on a tiny balcony! Check out ten of our current favorites below. Brass Planter- Schoolhouse Electric This sleek brass planter from Schoolhouse Electric would suit so many design styles. … Continue Reading

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Have you been keeping up with all of the royal wedding news? In all honesty, we’re a little addicted. First, it was the wedding invitations. Now, flowers are starting to arrive at St. George’s Chapel for the ceremony Saturday. And there’s the question of Meghan’s dad: will he walk her down the aisle? Was his … Continue Reading

The ultimate dream is having a luscious garden in your backyard to snip stems for all occasions, but in the meantime, we’ll brush up on our flower arranging skills until that dream becomes a reality. A store-bought bouquet is sweet, yes, but a homemade flower arrangement just feels so much more personal. And the act of making it … Continue Reading

Here at Havenly HQ, we’re lucky to work with tons of amazing women. With fifty employees, the office gender breakdown is staying strong at about 70% women, which is something we’re super proud of. It also means that some of our favorite colleagues are uber-stylish moms, and with that signature Havenly style they’ve created amazing rooms … Continue Reading

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Starting a design project can be so exciting: a new space, fresh and just how you want it to look. There’s nothing better! But, the reality is that decorating can (but doesn’t have to be) an expensive process. It’s important to start any design project with a budget in mind. It will help guide the … Continue Reading

Mother’s day is quickly approaching, and while we definitely don’t need a special day to give our moms a gift, it’s likely we’re all on the hunt for something a little special to send her way. Luckily, we spend a lot of time staying in the know about some of our favorite brands. So, we’ve … Continue Reading