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Quick! Your in-laws just happened to be in the neighborhood and are popping by. Your husband (surprise!) is bringing his boss over for a beer. Your work mentor with killer style wants to drop something off and check out your place…in 15 minutes. Your home isn’t a total disaster but it’s not exactly guest-ready either. Don’t panic. You’re not going to work miracles here—it is 15 minutes after all. But you can give your home a welcoming feel before your surprise guests arrive with these quick tips.

Quick Tip #1: Hide the Clutter

Prioritize the highest traffic areas (the kitchen, entryway and living room, for example) and swiftly tuck away any clutter on visible surface areas. Grab a bag or box and stash the unsightly goods in a closet or in a less traveled area of your home. Now we’re not saying to leave it there; We all have to deal with the clutter at some point or another. But for now, you’ve got a hall pass!


{Image via Lonny}

Quick Tip #2: Pretty Up the Powder Room

Speaking of prioritizing high traffic areas, your guest is almost certain to visit the powder room during his or her stay. It takes two seconds (okay maybe 10) to replenish the paper, empty the trash and ensure that a nice hand towel and pretty hand soap are readily available. While it doesn’t make much of an impact in the home decor department, it will truly make your visitor feel more comfortable. Shop our bathroom refresh picks here.


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Quick Tip #3: Get Fresh

There’s no time to hit up the farmer’s market for fresh blooms, so what can you do? As an alternative to flowers, snag some leafy greenery or pretty branches from your backyard and arrange them in a vase. Or, grab one of your patio/balcony potted plants, dust it off and style it inside for the evening. No garden or natural greenery around your home? Grab some lemons from the kitchen and stack them in a bowl. The point here is that you’ve got more to work with at home than you think—be resourceful!


{Image via Domino}

Quick Tip #4: Borrow from the Bedroom

Okay, so you’re focusing on freshening up the high traffic areas of your home. Guess where your visitor probably isn’t going to venture (fingers crossed)? The bedroom. If you’re feeling a dearth of great styling in the living room, feel free to borrow home decor accessories from the bedroom: Design books, a luxurious throw blanket, etc. Don’t overdo it (we don’t want to drown your guest in throw pillows), but do take inventory of what you have in lower profile areas of the home that would be styling assets in the main room.


{Image via 100 Layer Cake}

Quick Tip #5: Turn It Down & Light It Up

This one’s a cinch. Nothing looks good under harsh overhead lighting, including your fabulous home. Dim the lights a little to make your home feel warmer and light a candle if you have one. Bonus! Your guest will be greeted by the glorious scent of gardenia rather than the pizza you ate for dinner last night.


{Image via The Everygirl}

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