The Scene In 2015: Havenly’s Year In Design

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Published on December 31, 2015

The time really flies. One minute you’re knocking back a flute of Dom Perignon on a yacht in Monaco with Richard Branson and the next thing you know you’re sitting here writing this end-of-year blog entry. It’s the same thing every year!

Fortunately, we owe this brisk passing of time to the fact that we’re so busy helping people design really awesome spaces. So before we head into the new year with our style gumption in tow, we can’t resist the opportunity to slow down and droooooooooool on some of the rooms that we helped to transform in 2015.

So take a stroll down inspiration lane with us – or just skip to the part where you create a dream room of your own.

Ashley’s Charming, Safari-Themed Nursery

On-Budget Nursery Designed By Havenly

A first-time home owner and mom-to-be, it was immediately clear to us that Ashley had the kind of vision we love to get behind during a design. She envisioned an on-budget nursery that was charming, functional, and gender-neutral. We helped to dream up a space that flirted with the minimalist simplicity of clean lines, yet was playful in its gold accents and natural elements. Delightful!

Abigail’s Serene Sunroom

Learn how Abigail designed an envy-inducing sunroom.

Doing a quick room refresh is one thing, but seeing a room come full circle from a blank slate to a perfectly composed space is a really special thing to be a part of. When we saw Abigail’s project room, we knew that the before and after experience would be envy-inducing. The room had gorgeous paneled windows, french doors, high ceilings, and serious potential. We could go on about our careful selection of mid-century modern accents or the breathtaking perfection of the room’s West Elm herringbone rug, but you should really just look at all the pretty pictures.

Fashionably Broke’s Stylish Den Of Productivity

Den of productivity, designed by Havenly

Let’s just say we’re style crush promiscuous. It seems like every day we’re smitten with a new living room or dining room or bedroom. But seeing as we’re a busy online interior design getup, we have a very special spot in our hearts for a stylish office space. So when Natalie P. of Fashionably Broke came sought us out to redesign her office, we were pretty pumped. Through a Bohemian flair tempered by a modern palette, we transformed a neglected second bedroom into a productivity-maximizing office that we’d be proud to call work.

Taylor’s Transitional Living Room Composition

Overview of an elegant classic living room.

When Taylor C. embarked on her Havenly Design Experience, she knew that she needed an accommodating space that would make entertaining a delight. Based on her appreciation for traditional and contemporary styles, we helped Taylor design a space that was rich in refined decor like gold maps, bison-themed art, and leopard pillows. The finished product worked in perfect harmony with Taylor’s desires and the room’s requirements, and it was a perfect example of making a dream space a reality.

A Playful Nursery For A Baby Boy

A playful baby boy nursery complete with teepee, stuffed animals & creative shelving. Designed by Havenly.

Of the ten million and one things to think about before bringing your new baby home, nursery decor shouldn’t rank very high. Luckily, Havenly is always eager to lend parents-to-be a much needed design assist. Dina and her Havenly designer, Kyra W., worked together to come up with a playful nursery perfect for a baby boy, complete with a teepee, stuffed animals & creative storage & shelving.

The Style Line’s Inspirational Brooklyn Apartment


The Style Line, known for their ability to tell stories with style, needed to redesign a space that would function as an inspirational, functional, and comfortable bedroom and home office. We paired the blog’s founder, Rachel Schwartzman, with a Havenly designer and helped to create a space that featured industrial metal elements in the copper chair and clothing rack that were balanced out by the rich, reclaimed wood seen in the wall, shelves, and dresser. Overall, the space is clean yet eclectic, infused with the personal touches Rachel needed to allow for creative inspiration and productivity.

So, these designs are gorgeous, right? You’d probably have to be a wealthy celebrity that celebrates NYE on a yacht with legends to make them a reality, right? Nope! At Havenly, we’re advocates of enabling everyone to achieve their design dreams. Because coming home to a beautiful space that perfectly fulfills your desires is something we think you really ought to experience. So go for it, design boldly in the new year!

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