3 Design Styles You’ll See Everywhere in 2021

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WORDS BY Gillian Grefe

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Published on December 27, 2020

A new year is the perfect time to look around your home and consider what could use an update. Then look ahead to new interior design trends.

In 2021, interiors will embrace coziness, craftsmanship and authenticity. After 2020, that all sounds pretty good, right?

Here with the complete breakdown on four 2021 interior design trends is Havenly designer Heather Goerzen.


What’s old is always new again, including a modern, slightly whimsical revival of your grandmother’s cozy decor. 

“We’ve been seeing the granny chic trend over the last couple of years, and it’s certainly going strong into 2021,” Heather says. 

Grandmillennial details might include:

  • Floral wallpaper
  • Antique paintings
  • Delicate china
  • Crocheted throws
  • Little vintage touches

“Let’s be clear,” Heathers says. “This isn’t the frilled shabby chic aesthetic, but rather a curation of vintage elements for a space that feels storied, personable and homey.”

With so much uncertainty and tension in the world, it’s no surprise that consumers would crave spaces that evoke comfort, nostalgia and tradition

The Grandmillennial look is the interior design equivalent of your grandmother’s chocolate chip cookies and milk, says Heather: “It’ll warm you right up and make you feel good.”

Modern Pastoral

This trend is a fresh reimagining of the farmhouse aesthetic — one that is less craftsy and more soulful. 

“There’s a relaxed, yet refined, quality to this style that makes you feel right at home, particularly when it includes a stunning stone fireplace,” Heather says.

Modern Pastoral details might include: 

  • Modern lines
  • Raw and reclaimed textures
  • Earth-toned palettes
  • Cable knit textiles
  • Patina accents

In a fast-moving, “always on” culture, an increased desire for simplicity, authenticity and tranquility gets translated to interior design. 

This style brings to mind the “simple life,” says Heather: “Out in the country with expansive views and fresh-baked bread on the table. It’s basically the design parallel to the homemade sourdough trend.”

Sculptural Edge

Curvaceous forms and graceful accents that evoke a dramatic sense of modern luxury are accompanying us into 2021, creating spaces that feel both unexpected and eye-catching.

“It’s more artful than ostentatious, more interesting than ornate,” says Heather. 

Sculptural Edge details might include: 

  • A crisp white canvas
  • Sculptural accent chairs
  • Curved sofas 
  • Artisan vases filled with elongated branches
  • Raw, natural textures

Sculptural Edge is a dramatic reinterpretation of the glam aesthetic, without piling on the faux fur, leopard print and gilded fixtures. By combining artful beauty with a sense of unfussiness, you get a space that feels original and surprising. 

“Incorporating restraint and even a minimalist eye for styling results in a statement curation that appeals to the desire for craftsmanship,” Heather says.

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Words by Staci Sturrock