3 Inspiring Kitchen Styles From Top Dining Destinations

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Published on April 14, 2016

We embrace the work-hard, play-hard lifestyle here at Havenly, and when a day of designing is in the books, we’re out the door and headed for our favorite dining spots. We can’t help ourselves – the opportunity to be entertained in a well-designed establishment is just one of those things we’ll never get tired of. And some of our most rewarding insights come from restaurants. After all, a constant flow of customers is one surefire way to prove the success of an interior design.

We’ve put together a few restaurants that we’ve been admiring of late. Take a look, maybe you’ll find a kitchen style for your own space!

1: Muted Style

See Inspiring Kitchen Styles From Dining Destinations


Two truths and a lie:

  1. This restaurant is a fast food chain
  2. This restaurant is steakhouse
  3. This restaurant’s menu is based on the paleo diet.

Judging by the simplistic use of raw materials like leather, wood, and wool in this restaurant’s interior, you’ve probably identified #1 as being the lie. Wrong! This Copenhangen-based paleo fast food chain is fresh and welcoming.

Designed by Johannes Torpe Studios, the dining area of Palæo – Primal Gastronomi pairs a muted color palette with natural materials like wood finishes and metal hues to create a feeling that the Danish call “hygge” (pronounced “hooga”). Essentially, hygge means warmth, welcoming, and enjoyment brought on by a charming atmosphere. Who’s kitchen couldn’t do without a little hygge?

2: Bold Appetite

See Inspiring Kitchen Styles From Dining Destinations


If you read our Color Vocabulary post, you’ll know the the vibrant, energetic color scheme used at Mexican restaurant Fonda Hawthorn in Melbourne is playfully imploring you to: “eat more burritos and enjoy!”

We love the atmosphere of this space. In the photo above, we can see a depth of colors, textures, and patterns that vibe with traditional and contemporary Mexican designs.

Hung upside down, the glazed terracotta pots add a warm eclectic flair to the seating areas, which on their own are pleasantly inviting with pastel hues and clean finishes. No matter what you’re serving, this kitchen style is ready to entertain.

3: Welcoming Woods



Antlers, antlers, antlers!. If there’s one rustic trend that doesn’t seem to be fading, it’s antlers as decor. At TBD Restaurant in San Francisco, rustic doesn’t stop at antlers. In fact, much of the restaurant’s interior design is focused on celebrating the outdoors. Clustered lanterns hang from the ceiling, tree stumps serve as a lounge-style tables, and antlers upon antlers gracefully accent the simplistic white walls.

With the outdoors serving as such a strong influence in this restaurant’s design, it’s no wonder that the interior evokes feelings akin to sitting around a fire and enjoying quality time with friends. The great news is: you don’t have to head to the woods (or San Francisco) to experience this atmosphere. There are plenty of design ideas that can turn your own kitchen into a warm and welcoming destination. Transform your kitchen today with Havenly’s Complete Design Experience.