3 Ways to Decorate with Pet Accessories

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Published on July 20, 2015

Decorating with pet accessories has always been perceived as an awkward task in my family’s household. When we first arrived at our local Petco after adopting our new furry friend, my family was instantly overwhelmed by the large amount of dog furniture and accessories that were strategically organized throughout the superstore–every wall was stacked with colorful dog beds, leashes, and cat towers. Needless to say–it was a disaster.

We wanted something decorative—that didn’t instantly stick out as a dog or cat toy. Since then, I’ve learned that the best way to shop for your pet is by either visiting online retailers, or stopping by a local pet boutique. Here at Havenly, we believe that you shouldn’t have to sacrifice your style for your furry friend, which is why we have compiled a list of ways to decorate with pet accessories:

1. Choose a color palette that matches your home’s aesthetic. Do you have a coastal design style? Or are you more eclectic? If you’re unsure about where you stand on the design scale, take our complimentary style quiz to learn more about your personal aesthetic. Once you have identified your style, you can now choose what pet accessories would work best with your space. Try to select one or two colors that would complement the decor around your home. I am classified as a traditional minimalist, so I try to stick with soft tones and patterns that won’t clash with my decor.

2. Draw up a new layout of your space. Our dog’s “area” is located in a small corner of our family kitchen. It’s the perfect place for her because it’s the most lively room in our home. Her dog bed, toys, and leash are organized in one convenient place, making it easy to store away, should we have guests over.

3. Accessorize your home with pet-friendly pieces. Now that you have the foundation laid out, it’s time for the fun part…decorating! Some of our designer’s favorite websites include Harry Barker, Mungo & Maud, and Olive Green Dog. These websites carry stylish and affordable accessories for your pup in a variety of different sizes, both big and small!


What are your favorite picks for your pet?! We want to hear your thoughts in the comment section!

Happy decorating,