5 Fun Ways to Decorate with Neon Accents

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Published on May 13, 2015

Tired of your home looking like every other place on the block? You can easily give your space a pop of bright color by adding some neon accents. Although neons can be a bit scary for a novice, these simple tricks will allow you to effortlessly incorporate neon into your design without overwhelming the space with color.

Brighten Up A Wall

Image via Decor8[Image via Decor8]

Why not paint a wall neon? This seems like an extreme design decision, but it really isn’t. You can always paint over a true paint disaster but hopefully you will love it. The visual impact of this neon orange wall is worth every ounce of liquid color. Just a small section painted neon really adds spunk to the room! Instead of only letting the color make a statement, add art to balance the look. The white monogram in this image helps tame the neon while still creating a bright accent wall. When choosing a wall to paint, pick a place that can be seem from any angle in the room.

Don’t Shy Away From Spray Paint

Image via Decor8 (1)[Image via Inside Out Mag]

Old chairs and dull tables become up-to-date and design-worthy with a few coats of spray paint. The key to pulling this look off is being selective with your color choices. Limit your neons to two coordinating colors that will compliment one another. In this outdoor space, the neon pink and yellow work really well together. Instead of painting the entire chair or table, the designer chose to only highlight certain elements.

Showing restraint with color is difficult, but with neons, a little bit of paint goes a long way. Don’t feel as if you need to purchase all new furniture. Instead, look at thrift stores or at cheaper stores like Ikea and paint away! To create an evenly applied coat of spray paint, let each coat dry and apply another until you get the coverage you desire. It’s also a good idea to use masking tape to create clean lines.

Sometimes It Just Takes An Item Or Two

imagr via decoholic[Image via Decoholic Interior Design]

When you initially begin decorating with neon, you may be tempted to grab anything and everything that matches your colors. Don’t! Instead, focus on using one or two items that really make the room pop. As you can see in this image, there are only a few neon items, but they demand your attention! Neons work best in a room that’s more neutral and monochromatic. Even though some say these hues only coordinate with white lacquered spaces, I’d argue that they can be pulled off in darker living rooms as well.

Neon Isn’t Limited to Inside Your Home

rue daily[Image via Rue Daily]

Neon accents can also add spice to the outside of your dwelling! Side doors, lawn ornamentation, and even front doors can be painted in neon colors. If you have a white exterior, the neon rainbow is yours to choose from. Pinks, yellows, and even greens can work nicely if they are intentionally placed. This painted french door fits nicely because of the white exterior and little accents (chevron!) that compliment the modern feel of neon.

Think Outside the Box

rue daily (1)[Image via Apartment Therapy]

Neon accents don’t always have to make sense. You can spruce up an otherwise ignored functional piece in your home with a little bit of paint. Some of my favorite loft living rooms have painted their exposed beams a fun color. Take notes from Apartment Therapy and dare to add color to an unsightly sink drain. What was once an eyesore looks like it belongs and adds a hint of style! Other spaces in your home that can use some neon include: inside your door frames, inside kitchen cabinets, and even on steps.

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