Find your style

Wedding season is in full swing, which means you’ve probably been spending lots of time looking at registry lists full of kitchen basics. But, sometimes something a little more special is in order. Here are a few great ideas for a wedding gift that will stand out from the crowd.

Provide for a Party

Don’t let the celebration end at the wedding. Create a beginner’s bar kit by gifting a set of statement cocktail glasses, a shaker set, and a bottle or two of fancy booze. If the couple in question are more into wine, purchase a few bottles worth tasting and get a special set of glasses worth bringing out for every celebratory occasion.

Books on Books on Books

We’re huge fans of coffee table books– they’re beautiful to look at and to read. But, they can be super pricey. Gift a stack of a few books that relate to the newly marrieds (art, design, film, history…the subjects are endless). They’ll keep them on their coffee table forever, and each time they take a peek inside, they’ll think of you.

Frame Something Special

Image via Framebridge

Personalization is the name of the gifting game, and framing a special memento for the couple is a thoughtful touch. Sites like Framebridge make the process easy (and you can frame almost anything!), but you can also do this DIY-style with frames from any home store. Make the gift extra custom by using a colored mat for a unique touch.

Gifts That Grow

Another super-unique gift for your bride and groom is a fancy plant! You could pot it in a beautiful container, and provide detailed care instructions. That way, the newly married couple can complete their home and watch their gift grow over time (we’re going to let the opportunity for a heavy-handed metaphor pass here, but know that it works).

If you still need help picking the perfect gift for a style-savvy couple, chat with a designer any time, for free!