MakeSpace: 7 Stylish Storage Solutions To Make Your Bedroom Feel Bigger

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Published on January 14, 2016

You’ve heard the saying: “New year, new you!” It’s one of those aspirational new year statements that, unsurprisingly, is both vague and difficult to achieve. But don’t go sulking off into 2016 convinced that you’ll spend the new year with that 2015 version of yourself (although we didn’t mind her so much). 

You see, we’ve got a soft spot for transformations, so we’ve taken it upon ourselves to outline some bedroom storage solutions that will make you feel more rested, relaxed, and centered in the new year. And we think it’s exactly what you’ll need to help coax out the best qualities of your new you in 2016.

1. BRIMNES bed frame and headboard

Serious storage built right into your bed.


What makes IKEA’s BRIMNES bed frame and headboard better than your current bed frame and headboard?

BRIMNES has tons of convenient built-in storage space for your clothes, shoes, purse, messenger bag, backpack, books, magazines, laptop, and a whole lot more. A whole lot more that you can easily store in any of the bed frame’s four large drawers. Or on any of the headboard’s three shelves (four if you count the top flat surface of the headboard itself), which frees up plenty of floor and closet space.

Sweet uncluttered dreams are made of BRIMNES. And we’re not one to disagree.

2. Swing wall bed

A smart, modern murphy bed.

{Resource Furniture}

Swing into the new year with Swing. It’s a smart Italian-made Murphy bed that stands up as a nine-foot sofa with hidden storage and a shelf by day, and lies down as a bed with a sliding chaise lounge/thinking chair by night. It’s basically the swank space-saving bed that your tiny bedroom with big dreams wishes you’d buy.

3. SAIC sling nightstand-side table

A stylish sling nightstand to optimize your small space.


You’re not the only one who needs a comfortable place to sleep. Your magazines, books, and table lamp do too. Give all three of them what they want with an airy SAIC sling nightstand-side table. It’s crafted from iron, finished in brass, and features a leather hammock underneath on which your essential bedtime reading materials can blissfully sleep.

4. SAIC valet jewelry cabinet

Sleek storage, new year.


The SAIC valet jewelry cabinet is another genius piece of sleek storage solutions from the collaboration between the School of the Art Institute of Chicago and CB2. It’s like a medicine cabinet for your jewelry, but sexier.

If you can remember the phrase “hide and slide,” then you’ll have no trouble storing your necklaces, earrings, bracelets, watches, perfume, lipstick, nail polish, and other small items in any of the valet jewelry cabinet’s two vertical sliding panels. But only after you’re done checking your fine space-saving self out in the cabinet’s convenient front mirror of course.

5. Corner hanging bars

A unique and striking use of hanging bars.


No closet? No problem. Simply mount two aluminum black-and-gold corner hanging bars to, you guessed it, a corner in your bedroom and bam, you’ve got a brand new closet. A brand new closet where you can hang shirts, pants, coats, scarves, belts, ties, folding Hanger Chairs that double as clothes hangers, and more. Not to mention, they’ll make your closet feel bigger.

6. Z Gallerie Storage Ottoman

The secret weapon of decor hoarders: the storage ottoman.

{Z Gallerie}

Z Gallerie’s Storage Ottoman is so attractive, your significant other might get jealous when he/she catches you staring at it for too long. Its hourglass figure, black velvet fabric, and gold nail heads add a sophisticated touch to any bedroom while its interior storage space hides whatever you stash inside. With its top on, Z Gallerie’s storage ottoman also serves as a stress-relieving footrest, comfy seat, and gorgeous accent piece.

7. LiliLlite

7 Stylish Storage Solutions That Will Make Your Bedroom Feel Bigger


If you enjoy reading in bed at night, remembering what page you left off at, and not banging your head into a nightstand, then you need a LiliLite. Why? Because it’s an elegant all-in-one wooden bookshelf, automatic reading light, and bookmark that mounts to your wall. See the ultimate bedside lamp in action below, and finally revel in the new year and new you that you truly deserve.

This blog post was thoughtfully written by the folks at MakeSpace, a full service storage solution that picks up, stores, and redelivers so you never have to visit a storage unit again.