Matthew’s Bachelor Pad Turned Hygge Home

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WORDS BY Gillian Grefe

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Published on February 7, 2019

When Matthew moved to his city apartment in Denver he wanted what any single bachelor would—a sleek and functional pad to call his own. He found the perfect modern home in a vibrant neighborhood and decided to make his decor as cool as his architecture. 

He used Havenly for the first time to create a stylish, Scandinavian space inspired by mid-century modern style and infused with geometric patterns and saturated colors. Incorporating treasured heirlooms, like a set of Chinese prints and his grandfather’s clock, into the design was easy, as the furniture’s strong, confident lines made well-chosen accessories stand out.

Matthew’s space was perfect for his bachelor lifestyle—but a new phase of life demanded a new look. When Matthew’s wife, Shannon, moved into the home, she wanted to put a cozier spin on things. Shannon’s design style favored softer and more neutral patterns, and the bold sleek, style of the space needed some tweaking.

Combining styles can be a challenge for any couple, so Matthew and Shannon turned to Havenly yet again—this time to refresh the space and balance their distinct design styles. The couple collaborated with their designer to create the perfect harmony of Shannon’s eye for calming, cozy palettes and Matthew’s preference for pops of pattern.

Matthew’s favorite elements of his original bachelor pad included a stylish drink cabinet that was perfect for frequent entertaining. Wood accents were a nod to Matthew’s love of the outdoors, including a slatted wood coffee table influenced by iconic mid-century pieces. For seating, Matthew chose a slim sofa and two statement armchairs which created a prime place to host watch-parties for his favorite team.

Of course, Shannon was willing to compromise, so some of the pieces stayed, like the drink cabinet; they simply moved it to a different part of the room and added an indoor plant on top for an organic element. 

With Havenly’s help, the couple was also able to phase out more masculine pieces in favor of softer lines. The rectangular, slatted coffee table, for example, was upgraded with a round acorn coffee table, creating a perfect compromise. Its round shape and neutral palette were totally Shannon, while the mid-century aesthetic was pure Matthew. Win-win!

Similarly, the hard lines of the original sofa had to go. Shannon and Matthew embraced the hygge side of Scandinavian with a plush sectional from Interior Define. Tons of textural pillows and a rich green accent color rounded out the design.

While the new design is definitely a departure, the space hasn’t lost its functionality. Tons of seating, the bar for entertaining, and a pulled-together feel make it the perfect place to host, whether it’s for game night or a girl’s night.

Moving in with a significant other can be daunting. How can two separate styles live harmoniously together? For Matthew and Shannon, working with a Havenly designer paved the way to creating a gorgeous middle ground—without the need to completely redesign every last detail.

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Words by Kate Connors