Find your style

It’s been a year. A whole year of working, playing, eating, and surviving from home. You deserve a designed space that’s functional, practical, beautiful, and all you. Why limit yourself to just one room when you can create mini me-time moments throughout your home?

Havenly’s VP of Design and Creative, Shelby Girard, shares her tips for creating your dream bachelorette pad, which, we believe, is more of a mindset than anything else.

Creature Comforts

First and foremost, Shelby recommends setting aside time for yourself each week. Designate a phone-free evening to read a book, catch up on reality TV, meditate—whatever you need to do to feel restored. What seems extra might actually be essential to feeling your best, and what’s more important than that? 

When it comes to creating the perfect bachelorette pad, it’s important to remember that functional can mean fun and practical can mean that, well, you don’t have to get out of the tub to reach a candle or a magazine. Make the most of your me-time with the right set-up: incorporate candles, an ultra-soft throw blanket, warm mood lighting, and elevated glassware—even if it’s just for water—to really sink into a feeling of relaxation and intention. Perhaps you swap out e-books for the real thing, because on-the-go convenience isn’t a mandatory for at-home rituals. If skincare is your thing, invest in a skincare fridge. New on Shelby’s radar, these mini appliances sit right on the bathroom countertop to keep your product cool, stable and at arm’s reach. 

Of course, the ultimate creature comfort is a good night’s sleep, so why not upgrade to a silk pillowcase? Not only does it feel supremely soft on your freshly moisturized face, it can help keep wrinkles and bad hair days at bay.

Happy Places

Shelby’s design philosophy is all about infusing existing spaces with thoughtful tweaks that help bring joy to your everyday. That might entail rolling a bar cart into the dining room—stocked with favorite wine, spirits and pretty glasses—or designating a corner of the kitchen as a coffee or tea station, where favorite mugs and an artisan tea kettle or a slick espresso machine are displayed as decor.

Between beverage refills, claim a chair in the living room as yours and pair with a side table topped with a candle, vase and reading lamp to create a dedicated reading nook. Shelby suggests saving the more formal, sculptural, bold shapes for accent chairs. You deserve something sumptuous and cozy. Surround yourself with beauty and inspiration, from updated throw pillows that reflect your personal style to special coffee table books and personal objects—crystals are a favorite of Shelby’s.

Room for Improvement

If you have a room free for total takeover, go ahead and make that space your own. And if it’s going to be just for you, Shelby says, drape every square inch in a style you love, whether that’s bold and full of color and pattern, or completely serene and neutral. If winding down means Netflix marathons, add a television and comfortable seating. Wine lovers might stock a mini wine “cellar.” If your idea of me-time means more movement, turn the room into a home gym. Or, make a minimalist meditation sanctuary. 

The closet is another viable space you may not have considered. If you’re craving a fashion den to escape to, create a closet that displays your favorite looks, wallpaper it with a bold pattern and add a fun light fixture.

You Do You

Shelby points out that the space you carve out for yourself should provide somewhere to relax and reset. That means minimizing clutter and keeping distractions at bay with closed storage like baskets, boxes or cabinets. And remember, the possibilities are endless—just make it feel like you.

Feminine, fun, and functional is a lot to balance in a single space. Enlist the help of our designers and see how your personal style (and personal needs) can come to life with our style quiz.

Words by Kelly O'Reilly