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WORDS BY Erica Buehler

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Published on September 14, 2021

As John Wildsmith once said, “You are either in your bed or in your shoes, so it pays to invest in both.” While many may boast a carefully curated (and probably very large) shoe collection, what about your bed? A beautiful and sturdy frame goes a long way, and cute bedding and decorative pillows always add an element of thoughtfulness to a bedroom. But have you invested in great (and we mean really great) bedsheets?

A high-quality set of bedsheets can be the difference between a decent night’s sleep and absolute luxury. If you’ve been getting by with ho-hum bedsheets, know it’s never too late to upgrade. Don’t worry if you’re not sure where to start—Lead Designer Vivian Torres has you covered with her favorites to totally elevate your bed game. 

Read on for our picks for best bed sheet sets, and prepare yourself for the sweetest of slumbers.

Classic Cotton

Everyone loves a classic—simple, tasteful, and accomplishing everything it sets out to do. Cotton sheets are the very essence of a classic; not a lot of frill or fireworks but exactly the kind of elegant simplicity you want in a bedsheet. Plus, cotton makes for a super comfortable bed sheet set and is the fan fave for many a designer (as well as our CEO, Lee Mayer, as discussed in her inaugural styling guidebook Design the Home You Love).

percale white sheet set

Percale White Sheet Set

This Percale White Sheet Set from Parachute is “classic” in a nutshell. Made of 100% long-staple Egyptian cotton, it’s extremely breathable. “It’s crisp, classic, and clean,” says Vivian. “This set pairs well with endless style combinations, making it the perfect foundation for your bedding.”  And after all, what’s an envy-worthy bed without a solid foundation? Plus, we always love a reliable product. “It’s lightweight and incredibly cozy to sleep on yet durable enough to withstand constant use.”

white bed sheets

Sleepsmart White Sheet Set 

Speaking of reliable products, we also love one that caters to our bodies’ needs. The Sleepsmart White Sheet Set from Pottery Barn made it onto our best bedsheets list because it combines comfort with practicality. “This features a structured cotton blend that works hard while you rest. Essentially, it works with your body’s need for more or less warmth and helps keep moisture at bay, and continuously adjusts throughout the night for temperature control, comfort level, and sleep quality.” Yes please, sign us up.

Effortless Linen

What does every pin-worthy bedroom of late have in common? Likely that effortless artisan-inspired bedding vibe that feels simultaneously relaxed and livable as well as oh so sophisticated—complete with linen sheets in natural hues. Look no further than our own VP of Design, Shelby Girard’s, recent bedroom makeover for gorgeous inspo.

linen sheet set

European Natural Flax Linen Sheet Set

The combination of subtle detail with durability and comfort makes this European Natural Flax Linen Sheet Set one of our tried and true favorites. It’s woven from premium, top-quality European flax, which is both extremely breathable and also thermoregulating because of its absorbency. “This material makes a great bedding choice for all seasons. And the style profile—playful pom-pom trim details with classic linen texture—lends itself to infinite bedding and layering combinations,” dishes Vivian.

cream linen bed sheets

Cream Linen Sheet Set

Another flax sheet set, hailing from Belgium, finds its way into our best bed sheets recommendations. Blending style and comfort, these sheets are available in a washed cream tone to add the softest touch of warmth and color. “This product gives bedrooms a casual, lived-in feel while blending seamlessly with many elegant and structured components of a well-made bed.”

Boho Pattern

Looking for a little extra in your bed sheet set? Vivian has you covered in that department, too. We know every taste is different, and playful patterns can add character, charm, and a pop of personality to a bedroom scene. Plus, if it looks good and feels good too, that’s a total win-win.

patterned bed sheets

Blockprinted Percale Ochre Sheet Set

We obviously had to include this Blockprinted Percale Ochre Sheet Set. It’s just too cute to ignore. It’s made of super soft, 100% organic cotton percale, making it as comfortable as it is chic. “Flawlessly combining delicate florals and a modern pop of ochre, this set adds a touch of whimsy while still feeling timeless and graceful.” Fold the topsheet over your comforter and let the matching pillow covers peek out for a special design detail. For a subtle patterned touch, stick with a solid comforter in a complementary hue, or mix and match motifs for a more playful aesthetic.

Pacey Organic Cotton Beige Striped Sheet

For those who love a pattern but are maybe looking for something slightly more reserved, we present to you the Pacey Organic Cotton Beige Striped Sheet from California-based designer Amber Lewis. As Vivian puts it, “This set mixes a timeless striped pattern with a modern warm color palette for a stylishly refined look that’s laid back and cozy.” Let’s face it, you can never go wrong with a classic stripe.

Luxe Sateen

If you want to seriously upgrade your bed sheet game for luxurious comfort, consider sateen. Silky smooth sheets will have you feeling on cloud 9 before you even fall asleep. And they are just so chic—what’s not to love?

White / Black Hotel Bedding Sheet Set

Whether you’re going for a glam aesthetic or just want to add a bit of finesse to a modern or minimalist style, this set is a solid choice. “Inspired by grand, luxurious hotels, this sheet features a sophisticated double-row satin stitch that adds understated elegance to any bedding combination.” Just make sure your pillows are fluffed and you’ll feel like you’re slumbering at a five-star hotel.

Coyuchi Sateen 300 Thread Count 100% Cotton Sheet Set in Mid Gray

And rounding out our best bed sheets collection this beauty from Coyuchi. This set is made from 100% cotton sateen, which is “More tightly woven and weightier than other types of cotton, like percale.” Translation: silky comfort to the max. And we love soft gray shade which is a refreshing contrast to the plethora of whites available on the market. “The rich gray tone and subtle luster of the fabric adds a high-end and soulful vibe to any bedding ensemble.”

We believe that the best in home design combines both form and function, comfort and style: like pizza takeout and champagne, or a bubble bath lit by tapered candles. If that sounds like you, let’s work together! Take our style quiz to discover your designer BFF.

Words by Erica Buehler