The Best Blooms for Your Space

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Published on February 6, 2017

When it comes to the good stuff, we don’t mess around – and fresh is always the name of the game. You know what we’re talking about – blooms! We love designing with floral accents and are firm believers that fresh blooms can be the key component of a polished and inviting interior. The best fresh flowers can even transform a room, adding some much needed cheer and vitality to a space. With Valentine’s Day right around the corner, (and a bouquet from your significant other surely imminent in its arrival), we thought it only prudent that we share with you our list of the best smelling flowers for your space. And stick around until the end of the post – we’ve got a surprise gift for you that will make your Valentine smile!

For Your Coffee Table

Best smelling flowers for your space -- coffee table with peonies

When we’re prepping to style a coffee table, there’s hardly a time we can think of that we didn’t gravitate almost automatically to our favorite floral standby in the form of pink peonies. With a very clean, classic fragrance and an almost architectural type bloom that’s reminiscent of a vintage aesthetic, there are very few places where peonies don’t work well. We like to use them on coffee tables because of their wide, round blooms and typically shorter arrangements – they’re great for adding in freshness without overwhelming the table.

For Your Kitchen Counter

kitchen countertop flowers

Consider your kitchen counter the opposite of your coffee table in that the best smelling flowers for this space are the ones that won’t overwhelm you with a fragrant odor (we’re no experts, here, but garlic and rosewater don’t mix). Instead, pick a flower like snapdragons with an unassuming, under-the-radar kind of smell. We love to have snapdragons grouped on the corner of a large kitchen island for a variety of reasons. They provide great height (which will emphasize your large, clean countertops), come in a variety of colors for all different kitchen styles, and have a scent you won’t notice unless you get a little up close and personal with the blooms.

For Your Desk or Vanity

Best Smelling Flowers for your space - orchid on a desk or vanity

It’s time to bring in a little bit of drama in the form of an orchid. We love using orchids on console or desk-like spaces that remain mostly clear, because in our opinion, they deserve to be the star. Just look at those gorgeous sloping branches and the sculptural quality of the leaves coming out of the base. It’s living art! The smell of your orchid will vary depending on the type, and you can specifically seek out fragrant species from your local florist or nursery to make your work-life balance smell just a tad bit sweeter. For those looking for the best smelling flower whose scent you can essentially control, an orchid is the bloom for you.

For Your Nightstand

best smelling flowers for your space -- nightstand with roses

Potentially the most versatile of all the best smelling flowers in this blog post, roses are the champion of indoor arrangements. We like them by the nightstand because they have a sweet, soothing smell that will calm and relax you before bed, making them the perfect bedside companion. But if you’re the type who doesn’t want a sweeter smell in the bedroom, try tulips instead – the vast majority of tulip varieties have no fragrant aroma and won’t disturb your repose.

For Your Dining Room

Best smelling flowers for your space -- dining room with hydgrangeas

Hydrangeas, anyone? We’re almost positive we could feel you wondering when we’d sneak these guys in – it’s no secret they’re the fiddle leaf fig of the tabletop flower in the design world. We consider hydrangeas to be the best smelling flowers for your dining room table for a variety of reasons, none the least of which is that you might be surprised to know most hydrangea blooms actually have little to no scent at all. Hydrangeas have really great texture to their wide, round blooms, and although they can be a little bit high maintenance, they make a great classic centerpiece when cut to a medium height. The simplicity of the hydrangea bloom is what works best – no need to get complicated when you have such a versatile option at your disposal.

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What are your favorite blooms to have in your space?