BloomPop: Best Flowers & Plants for the Bathroom

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Published on February 5, 2015

The Best Flowers & Plants for Your Bathroom

Today we’re tackling an often-overlooked place for plants and florals — the bathroom! Plants purify the air and brighten the spaces they occupy. And what better to be in your plane of sight after a refreshing shower than a living plant?

The important thing to think about when adding plants in this somewhat tricky environment are the space, light, and humidity levels in your bathroom. Bathrooms are typically low light and high humidity, so we’ve taken this into consideration. We’ve rounded up some of our favorites to bring nature into your bathrooms, creating a calming, spa-like environment with living greens.

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Orchid | Orchidadeae  Placed on a counter or next to a sink, a single stem in a complementary color adds simple elegance.  Orchids thrive in humidity, so they are perfect for the bathroom.  They require light but burn under direct sunlight.  Look out for changes in leaf color to gauge the health of your orchid!

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Aloe vera |  Aloe vera  Commonly grown as a houseplant, aloe is perfect for the bathroom.  Just see which corner it fits best!  This plant thrives in humid conditions but burns under direct sunlight.

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Bamboo |Bambuseae Bamboo adds height and elegance to any room. Consider placing a plant on a counter or the rim of a bathtub. Add zen stones to the vase or planter to go for a spa feel. When it grows too tall, add it to an empty space on the floor.

This plant enjoys warmer temperatures. It prefers indirect sunlight but can tolerate different levels of lighting. Fun fact: bamboo is said to bring good fortune!

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Fern | Pteridophyte Delicate fronds soften the harsh edges of ceramic and glass. Hanging baskets or vertical planters secured to walls make use of empty space. Plus, ferns are perfect for the high humidity levels of a bathroom, particularly when near a shower or tub. To go all out, get creative! How about a vertical planter outlining a bathroom mirror or an entire wall?

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Spider plant | Chlorophytum comosum Take advantage of wall space with this one. Vertical planters can dress up those otherwise bare walls. Spider plants love humidity.

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Peace lily | Spathiphyllum Potted or in a rectangular planter, peace lilies brighten up any available space. Like the other plants, peace lilies enjoy humidity and indirect light.

Get to know the levels of light, humidity, and how you can use the space in your bathroom. Go green and shop local!