10 Designer-Approved Boho Living Rooms That Nail Casual Cool

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WORDS BY Rebecca Deczynski

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Published on January 30, 2024

What makes a boho space? If your mind immediately goes to college-style wall tapestries, hold that thought: This style is known for embracing eclectic accents, natural elements, and casual, welcoming layers. And chances are, it can look way more refined than you may immediately assume.

The truth is, bohemian style is surprisingly versatile — and all our favorite boho living rooms are designed to feel comforting, relaxed, and easygoing. That can involve layering plenty of soft throw pillows on top of an extra-comfy couch or getting creative with natural textures like wicker and rattan. It can mean playing with a rainbow of colors or curating an understated, neutral space that feels anything but sterile. The first rule of boho style, after all, is that there are no rules!

But there are some tips our expert designers have for designing boho living rooms. So while you should ensure any space of yours feels true to your personal style, this advice can guide you to cultivating the interior of your dreams.

Boho living room: Embrace cheerful colors

Boho living room

Sure, bohemian style is often noted for its embrace of warm neutrals and earth tones, but if you love bright colors — think: pastels and jewel tones — you can easily incorporate them into your space. The key is to find decorative elements that tie them all together. In this room, a colorful painting does just the trick.

Boho living room: Let architectural details speak for themselves

Boho living room

If you’re going for a full renovation, never underestimate the power of a good arch. An arched doorway and an interior pass-through window take this boho living room to the next level — and a complementary dome-shaped pendant lamp elevates it even more.

Boho living room: Use accents deliberately

Boho living room

For a calm, easy-going approach, choose an accent hue (like rust or terracotta) to warm up a mostly neutral interior. In this space, orange-toned accents tie in perfectly with the room’s existing warm wood details.

Boho living room: Focus on comfort

Boho living room

When it comes to designing a boho living room, comfort is king — skip the formalities and bring in elements that both look and feel inviting. For instance: an expansive sectional decked out with an abundance of throw pillows and a cushy leather pouf.

Boho living room: Embrace your inner eclectic

Boho living room

Attention maximalists: Sometimes more is more. Consider this vivid living room all the proof you need. While it’s rife with patterns and color, each piece still works together — see how the blue sofa complements the area rug and how the leather armchairs pair with the coffee table and ceiling beams.

Boho living room: Pile on textiles

Boho living room

This is one of the easiest ways to make a space feel totally fresh and revived. With the addition of some textured throws, this living room goes from minimal-cool to boho-comfort. A neutral color palette helps it stay harmonious.

Boho living room: Show off your collections

Boho living room

Art and books — these are the things that deserve pride of place in your home! Instead of simply hanging frames and shelving books, though, carefully curate your collections to make them an artistic display that’s greater than the sum of its parts. 

Boho living room: Bring in natural textures

Boho living room

The right texture can significantly alter the overall impression of a room — and natural materials, like rattan, wood, and jute, work especially well in boho-inspired spaces. A sisal basket wall hanging, woven chair, and even some storage baskets add character to this living room.

Boho living room: Find organic silhouettes

Boho living room

Never underestimate the impact that the shape of your furniture can have on a room! Take this boho living room: An egg-shaped coffee table with thick pillar legs makes an ideal statement piece that sets the tone for the rest of the space.

Boho living room: Mix materials

Boho living room

The best way to give a mostly neutral space depth is to vary textures and materials! The shag rug, sofa, and shiplap walls in this boho living room may be almost identical shades of eggshell, but their different textures keep things feeling interesting.

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Words by Rebecca Deczynski