11 Ways We’re Bringing A Sense Of Calm To Small Spaces

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Published on May 24, 2016

Everyone yearns for that perfect space where a sense of calm and comfort envelops you as soon as you walk in. A lot of us believe small spaces can’t give you that feeling, but this article will prove that idea to be incorrect! It is actually fairly simple to make your small space seem calm. Keep reading and soon you will have a space that is an oasis, your place to get away and relax.

Find Your Oasis Below

1. Declutter Your Way To Calm

Declutter your home for a calming space.


Clutter produces unconscious and physical chaos. By cleaning and organizing, you are better able to find your car keys on the way out the door, or you can look at your desk without wanting to have a panic attack.

2. Go Neutral & Light

A neutral color palette goes easy on the senses.

{This Is Glamorous}

Color of a space can affect you in many ways both mentally and physically. Choosing a color that is light, airy, and neutral will make your space seem bigger and not overwhelming with something more bold and bright. Go with a light grey or light blue to still have some color.

3. Play With Plants

Plants want to live in your home, you want plants to live in your home, it's a win-win.

{My Domaine}

Plants are a natural way to clean and oxygenate the air that is in your space, they also tie your space into the peace brought from being outside.

4. Bring In Natural Elements

Natural elements in home design are quite calming.

{The Glitter Guide}

Natural elements like a teakwood bowl, bamboo rods, or a wood vase foster an inner sense of calm and peace because of the ties to the great outdoors. We are created to yearn for nature, bringing in natural elements to your space will only make you feel better!

5. Simplify Your Furniture

Simple furniture, simply delightful.

{Krisp Interior}

Having too much furniture will make your small space seem even smaller. Simplify, use only what you need, and only purchase furniture that fits your space.

6. Indulge In A Comfy Rug

Splurge on your rug, your feet deserve it.

{Sarah Sherman Samuel}

Shag rugs are a great option for making your space seem cozy and comfortable. They are soft and light, often times very textural and natural looking. You want a rug that you could curl up on!

7. Incorporate Textural Throw Pillows

{Four Walls And A Roof}

Jute, shag, fur, basketweave, etc. are just a few of the pillow options that are super textural. They are a way to bring more of those natural elements in that will create a sense of calm. The more textures, the more comfy your sofa will look.

8. Let There Be Light!

{Let There Be Light}

Light is key to a calming space, whether it is natural from open windows, or added through table or floor lamps. Dimmers are a good way to soften the lighting of your space at night depending on the atmosphere you are going for. Good lighting helps a small space feel bigger and brighter.

9. Add A Scent

{Simplifying Fabulous}

Candles, room spray, and potpourri are all options that can add a calming scent to your space. Put some potpourri in a beautiful vase on a table tray or create a landscape of candles in decorative lanterns. Lavender, natural linen, or lemon are all good options for a clean and relaxing scent.

10. Be Inspired

Let your home inspire you!

{SF Girl By Bay}

Add art or wall decor that brings a sense of calm to your life. It may be a quote, a photo of a good memory, or a collection of different pieces on a gallery wall.

11. Create Zones

{Decor Dots}

Consider all of the activities you will want to do in the space, and designate certain areas for those things. Whether it be eating, sleeping, lounging, etc. they should all take place in different areas in your space. Similar to the decluttering in the first tip, creating zones will make you fee more organized.

Creating a sense of calm in your home can be relatively easy and inexpensive. After reading this article, you should be able to see that any space can be relaxing and calm, no matter how small it is. Plus, a lot of the ways listed above will also make your space feel bigger. You’re on your way to that oasis you have already always dreamed about – Bon Voyage!

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Chelsea S.
These small space design ideas were carefully curated by Havenly designer Chelsea S., who loves designing Country Cottage, Rustic and Preppy spaces. If you like Chelsea’s style, book her today and get decorated!

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