Moving into a new home can be an exciting time for a family. For Madeline and Brendan, though, the blank slate of a brand-new apartment building was overwhelming. They had a baby on the way and had to move quickly, but starting fresh proved challenging. The couple’s Brooklyn apartment was small, but needed to function … Continue Reading

By the end of the day on Friday, especially after a long week, we always only want three things: sweatpants, comfort food, and a nice glass of wine. There’s no better way to decompress! For Havenly client Joy L, before she can unwind, she makes the commute from her New York City apartment to her home in Long Island … Continue Reading

“I’ve always wanted a space that feels just like mine.” For some of us this room is in our house and for others, it’s in our imagination. Wherever it may be, it’s a really fun concept, isn’t it? A place that feels relaxing, where you can sit with your friends, do yoga, a place you … Continue Reading

There’s nothing like daydreaming of lazy afternoons spent outside (with friends and cocktails!) in the dead of winter – and no better welcome to summer than with a refresh of your outdoor space. For Havenly designer Kylee T., she used her skills and innate style to give her Denver backyard patio a major facelift. So, how … Continue Reading

Gender neutral nurseries are becoming ever more popular as more parents opt to wait to find out whether they’re expecting a boy or girl. Now, “gender neutral nursery” doesn’t have to mean pastel greens and yellows instead of pink or blue. In the case of Mara Ferreira of M Loves M, gender neutral meant soft … Continue Reading

You’ve probably seen that hashtag about growing up (#adulting) hanging around the internet. It’s a young person way of noting something they’re doing as being “grown up” or “adult.” In the case of client Sarah Fennel, of Broma Bakery, her #adulting moment was when she hired her very own interior designer at age 25 to … Continue Reading

Decorating a new home can be daunting. You’ve just packed up all your belongings, lugged your existing furniture across town (or the country), and suddenly you realize what worked in your old space doesn’t quite fit in the new. This is the design dilemma Havenly client Amanda Nistor of Ruffled, a wedding blog, faced. She, … Continue Reading

Here at Havenly we count ourselves fortunate to work with incredibly talented designers. We’re pretty used to seeing their awe-inspiring work for our clients, so we shouldn’t be surprised to discover that our designers’ homes tend to be just as jaw-dropping. Join us on a home tour with Havenly designer Molly B. and get inspired by her beautifully … Continue Reading

We love helping people discover things they like. Whether it’s something they thought might have been outside of their comfort zone or something that simply hadn’t been on their radar, the element of surprise can be great thing! Case in point: Holly F. – a lady who knows what she likes. When Holly moved with her husband from … Continue Reading

In case you missed the memo, pink is in. But a pepto-bismol colored paradise isn’t for everyone, and like any good interior designer on our team, Stafford knows when to dish it out and reel it back in. Working on her second bedroom project with Jenna Colgrove of Visions of Vogue, Stafford had two options – go grey like … Continue Reading