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So, you live in a studio or efficiency apartment and you’re amiss at how to strike the balance between wanting open space and needing privacy and organization. Sure, there are studio apartment design ideas for both, but where’s that ideal middle-ground? Does it even exist? Will you ever be satisfied in your apartment home? And why won’t function and style just play nice for once?!

Relax, we’ve got you covered. Our studio apartment design checklist covers all the basics, and then some.

1. Block Out Your Space, But Don’t Box Yourself In

Studio apartment design ideas that strike the balance between function and style.

One of the first difficulties we face with a studio apartment is the lack of walls or barriers that tell us what rooms should be where. Studios allow us the freedom to decide, but sometimes this freedom can be overwhelming. Embrace your barrier-defying apartment by remembering that furniture does not need to be pushed up against a wall. If you wind up putting your sofa smack-dab in the middle of your apartment, that might just be the perfect choice!  

2. Separate Your Space

Nothing says "I embrace my space" quite like "I know how to separate my spaces"


Now that you’ve embraced the freedom of your studio apartment, it’s time to apply some guidelines that will keep the space in order. A nice way to do this is by using vertical partitions. Of course, the most common method in a studio apartment design is to use a wardrobe or a large shelving unit. However, there are other options that would allow light to transfer while still creating a barrier. Try using a meshed screen, frosted glass panels or repurposed window frames to create the balance between separation and an open spaces.

3. Absorb The Noise  

One way to absorb noise is by using plush rugs and heavier fabrics – a great tip for studio apartment design ideas!


Whether it’s because your apartment has brick walls, tall ceilings, loud neighbors or someone is watching TV while you’re trying to take an afternoon nap; your apartment might get quite noisy at times. Sound waves bounce off of hard surfaces and travel quickly when there are less vertical barriers within a space. One way to absorb the noise is by using plush rugs and heavier fabrics. Try hanging a rug on the wall as art or select velvet drapes as window treatments. You’ll be amazed how quiet and cozy you will feel!

4. Be Transparent


Let’s face it. Sometimes, studio apartments are just super small. You can’t stretch the walls, but you can make sure that your furniture doesn’t look too big or bulky. One way to make sure of this is to select some pieces that are transparent.Glass and acrylic are super trendy right now.

5. Reflect The Light


You’ve heard it once, maybe you’ve heard it twice! We are a fan of mirrors. Also, there is no design element like mirrors when it comes to studio apartment design ideas. If you want to make your space feel larger and brighter, or you’re absolutely in love with the wide open feel of your studio — use mirrors. If you don’t have enough wall space for a full wall of mirrors, try using a large floor mirror instead.

6. Let Your Food Be Your Kitchen Art

A clever studio apartment design idea: let food be the primary decor of your kitchen!


Who says food needs to be hidden in your cabinets? If your cabinet space is limited, group dried foods such as bean, pastas, grains and tea together on a wall shelf and leave the covered cabinet space for less interesting items. Think of organizing your food similar to how you would design a gallery wall. One trick: Create groupings of similarly shaped containers. Mason jars are perfect for this!

7. Make Use of Every Surface

Studio apartment design idea: good pod, bad pod.


When considering storage items for your studio apartment, look for multi-functional furniture, such as a storage ottoman that can function as a foot rest, coffee table, seat or hidden storage. Also, look for wall shelves with doors that pull down, rather than swing open. That way, you have an extra surface to place your laptop or an extra area for guests to rest their cup.

We hope you found this checklist handy, fun and worth your while. We know that studio apartment design can be difficult and overwhelming, but if you stick with it, the results are so rewarding! If you’re feeling eager, start working with your personal Havenly designerto embrace the freedom of your wall-less space!

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