11 Quick Ways To Refresh For Spring

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Published on March 21, 2016

There’s nothing like a deep clean to get your home ready for spring. But what if you’ve cleaned your home and still find yourself surrounded by winter warmth? No matter how quickly or thoroughly you clean your home for spring, you’ll probably need to redecorate to properly ring in the changing seasons. To help you have the best spring yet, we’ve put together a list of our favorite ways to get our homes ready for spring.

Tips For A Spring Refresh

Branch Out

[df_row][col-md-6]There's nothing like a quick spring clean and refresh! [/col-md-6][col-md-6_last]An envy-inducing mix of rustic and contemporary distilled into the perfect living room. [/col-md-6_last][/df_row]

Seeking a revitalizing green accent but don’t want to commit to a new house plant or indoor tree? Here’s a shortcut: Arrange leafy or blossoming branches in a vase, jar or other ornamental receptacle. Philodendron and eucalyptus branches will last all season long (maybe longer!).

Floral Finishes


Even a small bouquet can go a long way. That’s especially true if your vase game is on point. Go for a classic cylindrical vase if you appreciate a clean aesthetic. And for the eclectic enthusiast, a glazed ceramic pitcher might be the perfect floral inspiration.

Organic Prints

Got your plant bases covered but still want to bump your space’s organic vibes up a notch? We’re right there with you! Consider decorating with textiles that feature flower and leaf-inspired prints.

Swap Out Your Bedding Set

There’s nothing better than a heavy comforter and cozy bedding to keep warm during the colder months. But as spring sets in, you’ll find that a lighter bedding set helps usher in the warm weather. We love the Pure Beech 100% Modal Jersey Knit Sheet Set from Bed Bath & Beyond.

Calm Your Senses With Incense

Maybe you wrote off incense as a dorm room phenomenon. Or perhaps scented candles are your go-to home fragrance tool. Either way, spring is the perfect time give incense a try. There are a variety of wood, metal, stone and ceramic burners available – so both your spirit and your interior style will benefit.

Hang Loose With Hanging Chairs

[df_row][col-md-6]Mrs. Lilien's Retro Glam Hawaiian Hula Hut[/col-md-6][col-md-6_last]Mrs. Lilien's Retro Glam Hawaiian Hula Hut[/col-md-6_last][/df_row]

Hammocks and hanging chairs can bring an easy-going spring feeling to almost any room – even an office!

Brighten Your Outlook

Don’t overlook your window treatments! Some light and airy window dressings, like these ivory gauze curtains, will brighten your room and your attitude.

Entryway Envy


Done well, entryways are simultaneously functional and stylistically satisfying. So win yourself and your guests over with a spring-inspired entrance. Some vibrant accents and a woven area rug will quickly set the scene for a relaxing spring visit.

Bring Energy To The Table

[df_row][col-md-6]Decorating A Manhattan Apartment[/col-md-6][col-md-6_last]A dining room that hits the design sweet spot![/col-md-6_last][/df_row]


Your table setting is another example of how you don’t have to scrub the floor or dust every corner to welcome spring. Incorporate light tones and rustic accents to inspire that refreshing feeling spring is known for.

Take It Outside

Havenly Client Spotlight: Holly's Calming New Orlean's Home

If you have a patio, make it an extension of your home. Dust off your patio furniture, choose a few accents and decor items that carry over from your indoor spaces, and let the gatherings begin.

Refresh With Throw Pillows

[df_row][col-md-6]Havenly Client Spotlight: Holly's Calming New Orlean's Home[/col-md-6][col-md-6_last]Havenly Client Spotlight: Holly's Calming New Orlean's Home[/col-md-6_last][/df_row]

Throw pillows are your secret weapon. Use them to instantly revitalize your room’s feeling. It’s as easy as stuffing a few into storage and replacing them with bold patterns and lively colors. One of our favorite spring refresh throw pillows is the Andanda Kilim Pillow by Plum & Bow.

Feeling bogged down in your winter style? We’d love to help you get unstuck in time for spring celebrations. Connect with a Havenly designer today!