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There are a million things to think about when bringing your new baby home for the first time. Sleeping schedules, toy storage, diaper brands and much, much more—Nursery decor shouldn’t be one of them. Luckily, Havenly is here to help.

Dina Al Sabah was a new mom with a baby boy, a crib and a nursery waiting to be decorated.

“My husband and I decided to wait until after our baby was born to fully decorate the nursery. We bought neutral furniture and once our son was sleeping in his crib we decided it was time to add some character to his room. As I was creating Pinterest boards of all the things I loved, I realized how my nursery project could end up becoming a jumbled mess if I didn’t have some sort of help,” said Dina.

With a baby-centric schedule, Dina started looking for online design resources.

“As a new parent, I wanted to be able to go through the entire process online as I did not have the time to leave my home to meet a designer, let alone actually visit a store to pick things out. Havenly was the perfect match. The initial investment in the service was very reasonable. Though I had the option to chat with my designer, we did everything via email. I loved being able to upload images, shop and provide feedback whenever my schedule allowed..which sometimes was at 10pm!”

Who wouldn't love their own teepee? A playful nursery for baby boy, designed by Havenly.

Dina and her Havenly designer, Kyra W., worked together to come up with a playful nursery perfect for a baby boy, complete with a teepee, stuffed animals & creative storage & shelving.

A branch book shelf! A creative way to display your books in your baby boy nursery. Designed by Havenly.

“At first, I thought that the items selected might only come from large retailers, but my designer selected many unique objects from artists on Etsy and other outlets. We ended up with a unique nursery that fit our style perfectly.”

Lions & zebras & comfy seating, oh my! The perfect way to combine creativity with comfort in your nursery for baby boy. Designed by Havenly.

What baby boy wouldn’t love exploring a room filled with bears, lions & monkeys? Congrats on your fabulous new nursery Dina!

Expecting your own bundle of joy, or looking at your sparsely decorated nursery? Start your own Havenly Design today & create the perfect nursery for making memories.