Client Spotlight: Abigail’s Serene Sunroom

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Published on December 8, 2015

We love seeing a room reach its full potential. But let’s face it, not all rooms are created equal, and we spend our fair share of time lusting after spaces that aren’t ours. When we first laid eyes on Abigail S.’s sunroom, we knew that the before and after experience would be envy-inducing.

With its gorgeous paneled windows, french doors, and high ceilings, the room had serious potential. And Abigail had clearly been dreaming about what to do with this unique space. After taking a free style survey and pairing up with designer Julianne C., Abigail dove straight into her vision for the room.

She wanted light, airy furniture – in the style of the Serena & Lily catalog mixed with mid-century modern accents. There were three sets of french doors to work with, one of which she knew would have to be sacrificed to accommodate furniture. The room also had a West Elm herringbone rug and flush mount ceiling fan waiting for it. If all of this wasn’t enough, Abigail brought an idea to the table that she’d been playing with: hanging a swinging chair from the ceiling. Oh, and don’t forget the plants! Challenge accepted.

The First Design Concept

Learn how Abigail designed an envy-inducing sunroom.

During the first round of concepts, the process of honing in on Abigail and her family’s preferences began to shape the room. They loved the lamp and sofa, but the side chairs, fur ottoman, and coffee table weren’t in line with their vision.

The Initial Room Design

Learn how Abigail designed an envy-inducing sunroom.

Can you see the progress? With supporting details like the ceiling color and moulding, the room’s personality is starting to shine through. Still, the vision needed work to become a final design. Abigail and Julianne discussed, among other things, the practicality of a swinging chair and whether or not the mirror had enough surface area to make a difference.

The Final Design

Learn how Abigail designed an envy-inducing sunroom.

Pretty inviting for a computer rendering, right? At this point in the design, the room clearly embodies Abigail’s style preferences. The swing a playful accent without being obtrusive, and the furniture’s sparse legs leave room for all of that beautiful light to come in. The room envy begins.

Stunning Sunroom, Complete With Swinging Chair

Learn how Abigail designed an envy-inducing sunroom.

The light, the shadows, the dreamy coffee table! We couldn’t help but swoon upon seeing the photographs of Abigail’s finished space. The gorgeous wooded garden backdrop perfectly reflects the room’s tranquil feeling – perfect for lounging with the family and enjoying life.

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Watching this complete room design process go from room-in-transition to dream sunroom is what we live for. If you’re interested in designing a space that’s uniquely yours, stop by and see what we can dream up together.