Design Story: Bringing Faye’s Design Dream To Life

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Published on September 23, 2016

Hiring an interior designer to help design your home is a beautiful thing. But hiring an interior designer who truly shares your design vision – well that’s nothing short of magic. 

In this Design Story, we’re proud to share the mind-reading magic that Havenly designer Kylee T. worked on Faye M.’s home design project.

Faye’s Dream-Worthy Home Design Project

Kylee, Meet Faye 🙂


Havenly Designer Kylee T. – enamored by eclectic design, because she enjoys influences from several different styles like boho, glam and modern.[/col-md-6][col-md-6_last]

Faye M. – a Havenly customer that wanted something bold, unique and colorful. Above all, she wanted a designer that “got her.”[/col-md-6_last][/df_row]

Living Room Concepts


Kylee: For both concepts, I tried to channel your love for Jonathan Adler and keep things modern with a little bit of quirkiness or boldness. I used the blue sofa and artwork that you liked and paired it with some bolder accessories and a more neutral rug. The second concept is also pretty colorful, with a slightly louder geometric rug and abstract art. I’ve provided a number of options for seating (including the stools for in front of the fireplace that we talked about).

Faye: Oh my goodness, Kylee!!!!!!!!I’ll go in and start liking things! WOWOWOWOWOW!xoxo And yes, I love the idea of drapes in the room, but thought they would be too costly. There are 3 windows. I’d love to see some and could perhaps buy them in 6 months or so. I just love this concept 1. The only items that I’m not crazy about are: rug, but maybe I need a day to grown on it! I don’t like the gold mirror, but I really don’t have much wall space in the room because of the sconces.

Kylee: Faye, I’m so glad that you’re liking it! Here’s what we’ll do next… I will move you into the next phase, which is where I’ll put together an actual rendering of what your space would look like with these pieces in it.

Living Room Renderings


Kylee: As you can see, I gave you a couple of options.I love the white backdrop of the walls with the pops of color, but I also wanted to make sure that there wasn’t too much white. 🙂 One option has art in all 3 spots against the far wall and the second option shows some funky mirrors on the sides. I’ve also given you a couple of different curtain options, which I think really help break up the white of the walls. As I look at each more, I almost like the darker rug better, but you let me know what you think! We can do one more round of revisions to this rendering if you’d like to see anything different!If you’re ready to purchase anything, you can do so via your shopping list.

Faye: I’m speechless. My husband and I are over the moon, Kylee. Thank you from the bottom of our hearts-it’s everything I could have dreamed of. We’re going to place our LIVING ROOM order tonight. Thank you for this incredible experience… Eternally Grateful.

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Family Room Concepts


Kylee: The first concept is more of a colorful safari theme and the second has the black and white base with some fun pops of color. I love the idea of doing some wallpaper to liven the space up and have a couple of thoughts on how we could do that… I’d probably recommend a chair rail to break up the top from the bottom if you wanted to do that. Each concept includes some fun stuff for the kiddos – including swings and a teepee! Take a peek and let me know what you’re liking or not loving!

Faye: Oh man, oh man, I’m so excited, KYLEE!!!! I really love concept 2 the best. I love it. I’ll sleep on it but am so excited. I Love that wall paper, the zebra, the blue pop stools, the colorful hammock, the black and white rug. And the bookcases are perfect. So… yawza… Wow, did you have fun doing this? It’s really so cool, KYLEE!!!

I’d love to get your final thoughts on where the wall paper should go, maybe when the room concept comes in we’ll get a better idea!

Kylee: Faye! I’m so glad that you’re liking this! They were both a lot of fun to put together! For the wallpaper – let me work on the rendering.

Family Room Renderings


Kylee: Let me know what you think! I added some pillows and netting to the nooks. I think the umbrellas would be a fun addition in front of the mirror! You could probably hang these pretty easily from a hook, so they’d be easy to take down if you wanted to. I didn’t include too much decor or knickknacks, but I can always add some in if you want to dress it up a bit. I thought you could hang some open frames where the kids could tape up some of their favorite artwork! I also added a chalkboard and some different art.


Faye: I LOVE it… I’m just over the moon, AGAIN. I hope you know the special impact you’re having on our world.

Kylee: Thank you for the kind words! I’m so glad that you are liking these designs! It’s extra fun for me to do unique spaces like this!


Faye's Home Tour

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