Design Story: Crafting Caroline’s D.C. Condo Home

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Published on June 24, 2016

Here’s a design mantra that we often repeat: “Whether you rent or own, you deserve to love your home.”

This phrase touches on two very important considerations in home design. 1.) Being a renter doesn’t have to mean settling for below-average design. And 2.) Owning your home doesn’t magically grant you the time and money required to design a fabulous space.

When we first met Havenly customer Caroline D., she was in the midst of consideration #2. After earning her law degree and buying a condo in D.C., Caroline found herself living in an almost empty space. Traveling around to stores to shop for furniture required time that she simply didn’t have to spare. So after reading an article about Havenly in Harper’s Bazaar, she decided to take our style survey and give online interior design a shot.

Caroline’s Condo Home Design

Working With Elizabeth H.

The first stop on any Havenly home design project is our style survey. It helps our customers narrow down our list of world-class designers to find one that perfectly matches their style. Caroline took the survey and decided that Elizabeth H. might be a great fit. Spoiler alert: It was a perfect match.

Next, Caroline launched her project by sharing details like room size, existing furniture, intended use, budget and inspiration. Don’t forget: Every great design starts with great communication!

“Welcome to Havenly! You’ve given me some really great information and I can’t wait to get started! I love the rug and sofa you’ve already purchased and it will be great to see two different concepts built around them.” – Havenly designer Elizabeth H.

Four Concepts To Consider


Bedroom Concept #1

Bedroom Concept #2


Living Room Concept #1

Living Room Concept #2

Elizabeth sent along two unique concepts for each of Caroline’s rooms. The first concepts portray spaces that are contemporary and modern yet impeccably classic.

The second concepts feel very contemporary and eclectic, with all of the pieces leaning toward a natural and warm aesthetic.

Caroline loved version #1 of each room.

“Love the neutral colors and gold/brass. I also like the idea of modern side chairs in contrast with the sofa.” – Caroline D.

Room Design Renderings


Initial Design Rendering 

Final Design Rendering

For Caroline’s living room deign, Elizabeth started by creating an initial rendering. The purpose of this initial rendering is to see if the design team had accurately translated the style survey and concept reviews into a design that actually worked for Caroline’s space and lifestyle. After a quick round of feedback, Elizabeth and Caroline landed on a final room rendering.

The bedroom design was crafted with a Havenly Mini package, which provides 2-3 design style ideas and a shoppable design concept for just $79. So while there was no design rendering to review, Caroline was well on her way to a dream-worthy bedroom.

A final word from Caroline:

“My designer, Elizabeth, was great.  She was very responsive to my messages, and she incorporated my existing furniture and ideas into the final design.  I felt like it was a collaborative process (even though she did most of the work).”

The Completed Spaces

A living room design, complete with insanely luxurious comfort and style.

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Steal Her Style

Our eyes spy a furniture piece or three that we would love to incorporate into our own spaces. Can you blame us?


Devon Floor Lamp $299

Campbell Bar Cart $298

Remember The Mantra

Whether you rent or own, you deserve to love your home.

Are you completely satisfied with your current home design? Perhaps you need a quick refresh, or maybe even a complete design experience. Either way, the first step is acknowledging that great home design is within reach. The second step is taking our effortless and fun style survey. Happy decorating!