Create a Rustic Bedroom Retreat with 5 Easy Elements

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WORDS BY Gillian Grefe

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Published on January 1, 2020

How do you create a cozy, comfortable hideaway to rest your head in the middle of a bustling city? Look no further than rustic design—which combines the elements of cabin-chic with the beauty of handmade, simple design. 

You don’t need to start chopping logs to create a rustic retreat in your bedroom. Instead, integrate the elements below to transform a blah bedroom into a calming, cozy space. 

Here’s how to create the rustic bedroom of your dreams. 

While the overall design of a rustic bedroom is simple and inviting, the sheets are anything but. To keep with the style, you’ll want crisp, hotel-worthy linens draped across your bed. Start with a bright white linen duvet cover, then layer with textured shams or even a body pillow for a modern shape. The perfect mix of texture and comfort, (learn to layer like a pro!) the bright beacon of a well-made bed will serve as the focal point in the bedroom.

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Rustic design accentuates the natural beauty found in nature. Bring in simple accent pieces, like a ladder, or log inspired bench to bring the outside in. For a larger feature, find a light-finish bedframe with a simple design that embraces the natural imperfection of the wood. 

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A staple of rustic design is a simple color story. Borrowing from natural elements, use gentle whites, blues, grays, and neutrals on the walls and window dressings. Staying within a neutral color palette doesn’t mean a boring or monochromatic room, but gives you space to play with texture and finish (more on that below…)

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With the natural color palette of rustic design, you’ll find depth in your design using a multitude of different textures. From a natural rattan pendant lamp to the cotton shades, and caned side tables, your eyes can feel all the different textures across the room. Instead of all wood or smooth natural fiber, the contrast creates dimension, adding a layer of complexity to the design of the room. 

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When designing your bedroom with rustic style in mind, stay away from slick and sleek modern finishes in favor of simple elements that look natural or handcrafted. Rustic design can mix well with other styles, but you don’t want another influence to dominate the room. In the example below, a modern pedal stool side table adds a touch of contemporary flair, but the rustic floating shelves and panel bed even out the look of the room. 

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A rustic-inspired bedroom can instantly transform the space where you sleep into a cozy hideaway that feels like home. By adding natural elements and handcrafted touches, you can make your bedroom feel like your rustic retreat.

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Words by Emma Diehl