You Scream, I Scream, We All Scream for Ice Cream-inspired Decor!

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Published on July 17, 2016

Ice cream, you’ve been so darn good to us that we couldn’t help but reminisce on all of the delightful situations you have created on the very day dedicated to you: National Ice Cream Day! You’ve helped us through the dog days of summer, rough break ups (shout out to our favorite boys, Ben & Jerry!) and countless other events encountered during the seasons of our lives. From childhood on, ice cream has been here to provide moments of pure, and sometimes brain freezing, bliss. We unabashedly admit that even as we progress through adulthood we will sprint towards that familiar ice cream truck tune like our life depends on a good waffle cone (you should see our office when the ice cream truck rolls up, #madness).

So we wondered –  can ice cream inspire other areas of our lives too? Of course it can! To carry on these fond memories, we’ve scooped up 4 of our favorite interior designs that make us crave our favorite flavors. Interior design should be fun and inspiring and these 4 designs are just that! The cherry on top? We’ve got a fun quiz at the end to tell you what ice cream flavor you’re most like! So grab a pint and have a gander at these gorgeous spaces.

4 Ice Cream Inspired Designs

America's Sweetheart: Chocolate


{Things That Inspire}

This chocolate inspired interior, which, according to a recent Staista survey reigns supreme as America’s #1 favorite flavor,  has us absolutely melting. The milk-chocolate tones of the wood-panel wall mixed with creamy beige accents make this deliciously designed decor ice cream-memory worthy.

Cookies & Cream Dreams


{Waiting on Martha}

What’s black and white and spotted all over? This gorgeous interior makes us long for a bowl full of cookies and cream! Can we get a YUM?

Strawberry Feels Forever


This lush bedroom will satisfy your sweet tooth for days! Like a bucket of fresh picked strawberries slowly churned into an ice cream delight, this bedroom is giving us all of the rosy berry vibes.



{Elle Maison}

Insert heart eyes here. Are you secretly a vanilla fan, but fear being called boring? This beautifully neutral space is anything but basic and squashes the stereotype that vanilla cannot be bold by itself. Feel free to say we’re playing it safe, we can’t hear you over all this style. 

And now for the whipped cream & cherry on top!

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Which flavor most describes your personality? Share your results, we’re curious to see how they match up with America’s favorites!

Make sure your interior is inspired by the most joyful of times. Simple pleasures, like your childhood memories can spur the most unique design inspiration. Now go on, finish off that pint and keep up the reminiscing, your indulgent secret is safe with us.