6 Dream-Worthy Bedrooms

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Published on March 3, 2016

Our most admired rooms are often those that go above and beyond comfort. And what’s more comforting than a dreamy bedroom? A simple glimpse at a thoughtfully-designed bedspread and pillow composition is enough to ease our daily serving of blah. So whether you’re wondering how to decorate a bedroom or are just looking to day dream, this roundup of nap-worthy rooms should do the trick.

1. Blue And White And Striped All Over

Decorate a bedroom like this one with Havenly

This bedroom is all about the preppy chic look – stripes, mirrored finishes and pops of pink. This room’s dreamer, Julia Dzafic of Lemon Stripes, wanted her bedroom to feel clean, bright, happy, yet grown up. She wanted to keep her bed and dresser but was open to purchasing additional pieces to ensure the cohesiveness of the look. There’s a serene coastal feel to this room that lulls us into relaxation mode.

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2. Tufts And Sequins And Gold – Oh My!

Home Sweet Home DesignWho wouldn’t want to take a rest in this bedroom? One takeaway from this space is that simplistic style, sophisticated colors and glam eye candy can all exist in harmony.

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3. How To Decorate A Bedroom If You’re A California-Cool Blogger

Client Spotlight: A California-Cool Blogger's Bedroom

We love when bedrooms manage to be a place all their own while incorporating elements that reflect the outer world. This restful space feels intimate, yet there’s a subdued vibrance that perfectly captures the Southern California Vibe. California dreaming, indeed.

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4. A Chic Guest Refuge

Havenly Client Spotlight: Holly's Calming New Orlean's Home

Being someone’s guest is a treat. Aside from making sure you’re comfortable and opening their home to you, your host will also give you free food! Score. One downside though: Being a gracious guest takes effort. So we can appreciate that this restful guest room is both stylish and accommodating. Perfect for a mid-day recharge!

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5. New York Nappin’

Decorate a bedroom in a small space

With its bright whites and calming blues, this bedroom is a serene escape from city life. We can almost smell those roses from here. And if you’re trying to understand how to decorate a bedroom, this one is proof that space shouldn’t compete with your imagination.

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6. Dreaming Of A Bachelor Pad


Masculine design can be elegant, did you know that? Many people don’t. Point in case, this sophisticated, modern and warm Brooklyn bedroom.

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Dreamy spaces like these bedrooms don’t have to live only in the blogosphere. You’re only a quick survey away from designing your own restful space.