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Tall ceilings make us giddy! Not only do they offer a large canvas to decorate with, but they also convey a clean and simple sense of opulence.

You see, the trick with tall ceilings is to create a cohesive visual landscape that makes the most of your wall space without overwhelming the rest of the room.

It just so happens that Havenly client Mindy D.’s living and dining room decorating projects are gorgeous examples of the right way to decorate with tall ceilings.

The Before & After Vision

When Mindy and Havenly designer Amy F. set out on their design project, the mission was clear. Mindy was dreaming of a mix of transitional, eclectic and contemporary styles. And with large windows, gorgeous wood floors and 10 foot ceilings, the space had great bones! With more than 1,300 designs under her belt, Amy was well-prepared to create the warm, comfy, classic and timeless look that Mindy envisioned.




Designing Mindy’s Dream Home

Dining Room Design Concepts


We love the Design Concept phase of a decorating project. It’s one of the first chances you get to translate your thoughts and inspirations into something visual. Mindy used each concept to refine the look she wanted, picking and choosing her favorite pieces. The white chairs, geometric curtain panels and colorful abstract art all made it into the final design.

Dining Room Final Rendering

Did we mention that Mindy also needed some serious wine storage? The final rendering of this dining room compliments the tall ceilings with 9 foot curtain panels (hung high and wide!) and thoughtfully-placed art.

[bctt tweet=”Tall ceilings?Hang curtains 2/3rd distance between window & ceiling, and all the way to floor!” username=”thehavenly”]

Living Room Design Concepts



For the living room concepts, Amy provided a couple different perspectives of the space. This is an especially important consideration for seating areas, because while it might look good from outside of the room, what really matters is how it looks while seated.

Living Room Final Renderings


A couple things we love about the way these renderings work with the tall ceilings:

Size Of The Art

The larger pieces are hung on their own, with room the breathe, so that their visual weight doesn’t overpower surrounding design elements.

Placement Of The Art

Smaller pieces are placed in groups, engaging as much of the landscape as possible.

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The Completed Space

What do you think of the final space? Let us know in the comments below!