Design Horoscope: The Best Interior Tips for Romantic, Eclectic Libra

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WORDS BY Gillian Grefe

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Published on October 12, 2017

We used our crystal ball to design the ultimate Libra space

Libra SymbolIt’s finally really fall (like crunchy leaves, crisp air fall), and ever since the autumnal equinox on September 23rd and October 22nd, it’s also Libra season. An air sign ruled by the planet Venus, Libra is a friend to all. We all know that your home should reflect your personality, so this month we’re bringing you design tips for harmonious, romantic, loyal Libra!

Party Friendly

Libra is the ultimate friend, so their space needs to be perfect for all of the entertaining they’re sure to be doing. That means plenty of comfortable conversation groups, and soft mood lighting (all the better for making sure your guests look their best!). Modular seating options keep the space flexible for parties large and small, and soft floor pillows allow for overflow (plus, what’s more romantic than seating a la casbah). Libra also needs a designated dining area with comfortable dining chairs  and plenty of table space. An artisanal antique or handmade farm table is perfect for hosting long, lavish dinners. Add a profusion of candles for a sparkling, festive atmosphere.

Bohemian Design

Image via @thejungalow

In terms of style, Libra is eclectic. Their mellow personality means they aren’t afraid to wait for the perfect piece– they’ll curate their space over time rather than in one fell swoop. They’re not one for fussy looks either. Rather, they value decor that represents important moments or places in their lives.  Libra is a collector, and any true Libra space will have a fun mix of  vintage and antique furniture pieces. Libra doesn’t worry about everything matching, instead, they let bohemian textiles, wood finishes and art create a layered, comfortable look.
Libra’s romantic personality also means they definitely aren’t a minimalist. They’ll need lots of storage (think funky curio cabinets) to keep all of their mementos. A gallery wall is also a perfect way to showcase their amazing accumulated treasures. White walls won’t cut it for Libra; they’ll  love bohemian wallpapers or deep, jewel-toned paints that bring a warm, exotic feel to any space. Nothing cold or sleek for Libra– they’re all about rich, warm colors and fabrics.

Containing Chaos

All of this collecting means that Libra sometimes struggles with organization. While a perfectly organized home isn’t their style, keeping things neat can help keep things relaxing and welcoming for inhabitants and guests alike. Libra can hide the inevitable clutter with closed shelving and hidden storage pieces like ottomans that still make the space warm and inviting.
Well, Libra, there’s your design horoscope. Be sure to keep your home harmonious with our Libra shopping list, and don’t hesitate to ask if you need any more help curating the perfect space. While we can’t help predict your professional and romantic life, our crystal ball is great at determining the perfect style for your home. Call us the design astrologists! We’ll be back next month with fiery, passionate Scorpio