Design Horoscope: Sagittarius

Time Several Hours

Budget $ $$$

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WORDS BY Gillian Grefe

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Published on December 15, 2017

We used our crystal ball to design the perfect Sagittarius space!

Hey Sagittarius, we didn’t forget about you! While we admit that your design horoscope is coming a little later in your season than your astrological neighbors’ did, we promise it’s because our predictions for your space are our very best yet. With your dates spanning November 22nd-December 21st, your personality matches the cheerful, friendly vibe of the holiday season. So, it’s really perfect timing to bring you the best tips (and pieces) to create a space that truly reflects your astrological designation!

Set a Neutral Stage

Sagittarius is a huge traveler, and loves change. So, their space shouldn’t feel stuck with one particular look– that’s sure to displease a sign who loves to switch things up. Instead, Sagittarius should let the building blocks of any room serve as a neutral backdrop to an ever-changing gallery of unique finds and colorful, textural elements. Think white walls, light wood finishes, luxe natural bedding, and a neutral rug. Don’t forget that materials like leather and rattan are neutral but still bring texture and contrast to a space.

Bring the Color with Accessories

Don’t worry, even with the neutral base, any Sagittarius space needs to be full of color and pattern. That color comes in with an ever-changing array of pillows, textiles, wall-art, lighting, and accessories. These smaller items allow for greater flexibility– they can be moved around, switched out, and added to by ever-fickle Sagittarius. This is also a perfect opportunity for this world-traveling sign to incorporate trinkets and curiosities from their travels!

Not Afraid of Bold Trends

Above all, Sagittarius is utterly unafraid of the new and unfamiliar. They’re ready to try trends that might seem a little too bold for the regular person. Uber-modern furniture silhouettes, daring pattern mixes, and bold (and maybe even a little risque) art are no roadblocks for Sagittarius. Fittingly, their space is sure to be one that pushes the style envelope in the best possible way.

After reading our design horoscope, we hope every Sagittarius is ready to make their space as astrologically compatible as possible. Shop our board of sagittarius-specific picks, and don’t forget to ask our designers if the perfect piece still seems out of reach.