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Hi, Dave here.  And here’s the problem: my bedroom has bad overhead lighting. While it’s convenient, it always casts the entire room in a noxious yellow glow, removing any sense of sensuality from the space. And you know, ain’t nobody got time for that.

BAD Lighting ||

^My overhead lighting is perfect for a police interrogation… (Source: Jennifer Birch)

At the end of the day, attractiveness is 90% lighting and if there is any room that needs proper lighting, it’s the bedroom. If you feel my pain then you know that lighting can be a struggle. So, here are some interior lighting tips to enlighten your day and your space:

1. Bigger Brighter is not always better: Theoretically, the purpose of lighting is simply to let you see things that you otherwise couldn’t. But come on, lighting can do so much more! Make sure you plan ahead for the type of mood you want in your room. Consider if a room is meant for relaxation, conversation or productivity, and keep this in mind when you decide on the next things.

2. Light Bulbs: Not all light bulbs are created equally. There are SO many types nowadays (thanks global warming) with all sorts of wattages and acronyms (CFLs, LEDs, etc.). That’s too much to keep track of. What’s important to note is lumens. Light bulbs with more lumens produce brighter, stronger light while fewer lumens cast softer, more calming light. On a side note, I once new a girl named Lumen— she wasn’t too bright (Ha! See what I did there).

Lighting ||

^How many interior designers does it take to change a light bulb? (Source: The Urban Electric Co.)

3. Mix & Match: Something to realize now is that one source of light is rarely enough for a room. A single standing lamp might create ambient lighting for the whole room, but a surprising amount of space will still go unlit and overshadowed. Try adding wall sconces or different levels of light to provide striking accent lighting, which will vary the shade of the room. Small table lamps can also provide task lighting, which is perfect for reading or highlighting an area.

Lighting How-Tos ||

^Count all the light sources! Hint: the sun is one of them (Source: Cultural Republic)

Whether you’re trying to read a book, finish some work or take selfies in bed, the magic in lighting is often in the way it mixes together for beautiful effects. At the end of the day, 90% of attractiveness is lighting. If you can do this much then your place will be looking great in no time.

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