We get so many great questions about designing and improving your home on Design Quickie, it would be a shame not to share. We’ll be rounding up our top 5 DQ Q’s monthly so you can put all this design advice to use yourself!

Q: What are the best neutral paint colors for a room, especially white? There are so many options!

A: There are so many great neutral options for paint color, so I totally get that it can be overwhelming! Luckily there are two really perfect neutrals out there that I find work best for most people Stonington Gray for a soft, cool light gray and Revere Pewter for a warmer “greige” color. For trim, you can never go wrong with Chantilly Lace.

Q: What is a good kid / pet-friendly rug option (especially under dining table)?

A: Flat-woven rugs are a great option for under a dining table because they’re easy to clean and make it easy for your chairs to slide in and out, without getting caught.

Q: Have any great storage ideas for small spaces?

A: Double duty furniture pieces like a dining table that acts as a desk, or storage ottomans that can be tucked under a coffee table and pulled out for company are great for small spaces!

Q: How should I decorate a two-story blank walls (foyer / entryway / staircase)?

A: There are a lot of great options for styling tall, empty walls! You add some tall mirrors or a gallery wall to this space. I’d also add a large statement chandelier to create a focal point for your entryway.

Q: How should I style my fireplace mantle?

A: One of my favorite ways to style a fireplace mantle is to hang a large mirror or statement piece of art in the center, then add taller vertical elements on either side, like a vase or candlesticks. I’d also include some shorter sculptural pieces to round out the look.

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