Design Story: Cohesive Confidence in Los Angeles

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WORDS BY Gillian Grefe

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Published on August 30, 2017

A few lucky people are born with the innate design sensibility that leads them to professions like interior design or styling. For the rest of us, refining an aesthetic can be challenging. We’re overwhelmed by inspiration (Pinterest, HGTV, the Havenly Blog…the list goes on), and it’s hard to create a cohesive look, especially between several rooms. Amanda, a Havenly customer from Los Angeles, was no different.

Amanda had a beautiful space–two spacious, light-filled rooms with great architectural details. She also had some well-chosen existing furniture, including a drool-worthy blue velvet sectional (similar here). But, she needed help defining an aesthetic that flowed naturally from living room to master bedroom and still reflected her personality. That’s where Havenly designer Jordan came in.

 The Concept

In her initial design survey, Amanda tended to choose contemporary styles. The inspiration images she preferred were diverse, but the majority paired neutral walls with pops of deep jewel tones incorporated through luxe furniture and eclectic accessories. However, Amanda was hesitant to define her style too narrowly, asking her designer to use her best judgement with the initial mood boards.

The Living Room

Initial Mood Boards


From L-R, Concept 1, 2, and 3

After reviewing the mood boards, Amanda realized that she loved the “industrial look” of metal furniture, and would rather stay away from the “world look” of heavy wood furniture. She also really liked the idea of bringing ‘“color and interest” through a gallery wall, which Jordan included in her third board. The inspiration boards also made Amanda realize that she preferred cleaner patterns and textures, rather than a fully boho riot of textures. With that in mind, Jordan went back to the drawing board for her formal concept layouts.

Room Concepts


When Amanda received her detailed design concepts, she had some tough decisions to make! Jordan’s first design used layers of pattern and color in art and accessories, and furniture that “leaned more toward the industrial aesthetic.” Amanda loved Jordan’s furniture choices, as well as the gallery wall that incorporated some of her own artwork.

The second design concept, based on a lighter, softer color palette, made the choice even harder. Amanda loved the “gorgeous floral mural” that anchored the design, along with the “feminine and glam” aspects of the room. But, Amanda’s husband was nervous that the room would be too feminine and “delicate”.

Ultimately, Jordan’s design concepts helped to refine Amanda’s style. Jordan “nailed [her] style when both designs are combined.” The “industrial aspects in Concept 1 and the feminine, whimsical aspects of Concept 2” created the perfect industrial-bohemian-glam aesthetic for Amanda’s space. Even better, because Amanda decided to use Havenly for two rooms, she could ask Jordan to incorporate the floral mural she loved into the bedroom design. It was a great compromise between the feminine look that Amanda coveted and the shared nature of the living space.

Final Design

Jordan’s final living room design perfectly blended low-key feminine accents with the functional, industrial furniture that Amanda loved. The gallery wall made a colorful, layered statement, while the neutral rug provided a rest for the eye. Amanda was ecstatic! The final room came together perfectly, blending luxe bohemian touches with the pieces Amanda already owned.


 The Bedroom

After the success in her living room, Amanda was excited to have Jordan next design the master bedroom of her home. She gave Jordan full license to “do what [she] thinks is best”, knowing that the designer could be trusted to come back with amazing concepts.

Initial Mood Boards

From the living room, Jordan knew that Amanda wanted her bedroom to be a little more feminine. Her three initial mood boards incorporated light, bright colors and layered textures. Amanda liked the color scheme of the first concept, but “not so much the individual pieces.” The third board, which was definitely the most bohemian was too ornate for Amanda. She didn’t like the “old-fashioned” chandelier or the southwestern style rug. Instead, Amanda loved the second design, which incorporated the same style of industrial-inspired metal furniture from the living room with glamorous, feminine accents. Amanda asked Jordan to move in a pretty and romantic but not fluffy direction. She also requested “something funkier” from Jordan because “I am more boho than I want to admit!”

Room Concepts


Jordan’s designs wowed Amanda. The first featured a light and airy color scheme, while the second utilized a darker and more colorful mixture of patterns and textures. The first design also incorporated the mural that Amanda loved from her original living room concept. Amanda really liked “using the floral wallpaper as the jumping off piece for the design” and loved “ the feminine boho vibe and all the gold metal touches” from the first concept. For the final design, Amanda asked Jordan to find a chandelier that provided the “wow” factor she envisioned for the space.

Final Design

Jordan’s final design incorporated light, feminine elements with the drama Amanda wanted for the space. Amanda thought the room was “absolutely perfect” and loved the new chandelier that Jordan chose. The final bedroom design was bohemian, glamorous, and relaxing.

By choosing to have Jordan design two rooms in her home, Amanda created a cohesive aesthetic that captured the bohemian yet industrial style she loved. While the two spaces are different, they flow together and create a truly personalized look for Amanda and her husband to enjoy.


Havenly can help you with your spaces, too! Whether it’s one room or ten, our designers are here to make your space truly beautiful.