Design Story: Lauren L.’s Elegant & Enchanting Living Room

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Published on August 9, 2016

Are you familiar with the gorgeous gaze? We’ll bet you are. The gorgeous gaze, as we like to call it, is the moment when a perfectly-composed room stops us in our tracks.

It’s not a singular detail that snags us. And it’s not one particular corner of the room. Nope, the gorgeous gaze happens only when the entire space, from decor styling to furniture placement, is just right.

Havenly client Lauren L. and her husband Jon wanted just such a room. But sourcing and and styling decor to the point of perfection takes serious time and creativity. For Lauren and Jon, teaming with Havenly designer Julianne C. couldn’t have been a better option.

An Enchanting & Elegant Living Room Design Project

The Design Concepts


Concept One


Concept Two

From well-studied principles of interior design to a finely honed decorating intuition, reaching that home design sweet spot requires considerable style chops. But it also requires a deep understanding of space’s ultimate purpose and inhabitants. That’s why the Havenly design process was such a perfect fit for Lauren. While Julianne provided the design expertise, Lauren was able to infuse the process with insights about her personality and her room’s ultimate purpose. It’s all about collaboration!

Julianne: “In both concepts I’ve given you a blend of higher-quality items along with more budget-friendly options, but if there are any items you love but feel are too expensive feel free to let me know and I can find a comparable alternate in the next stage of the design.”

Lauren: “As much as I am loving the white rug with the X pattern, it really is a bad idea in our home, it would totally get trashed by winter boots coming in, dog, toddlers, etc… I’d rather something that would hide ‘flaws’ better. I’ve always liked the idea of putting a chaise type “daybed” in that room… I’d like more staging with knick knacks and sort, I loved the crystal rock, the unique candles are cool, but those are easy for me to find since I am obsessed with Anthropologie, its just the more ornate stuff I struggle with due to a lack of time/creativity to browse…”

Initial Design Renderings


Julianne: “I’ve swapped out the rug from Concept 3 with a similar option that is darker and less likely to show dirt/stains. I’ve also traded out the daybed for a loveseat option that may work better for your needs. As you can see from the layout, my initial thought was to keep the area by the fireplace open with either chairs or a low-lying chaise, but I think this loveseat is small and low enough to keep the room from feeling too closed off; let me know your thoughts there.

Lastly, I’ve added in several new unique accessory options for your bookshelves, and also added a console with styling for under your large art piece. The frames I’ve shown you to the right of the piano are 11×14 walnut and come in multiple sizes (all of which I’ve added to your shopping list) for your own personal photography or art prints.”

Jon: “Julianne, thanks for this. It’s getting really close. My concerns: The love seat, like you said, is kind of blocking the fire place. What other options do we have? One thought is maybe we have two swivel type chairs? I totally understand why you choose the daybed at first, it keeps things open, but we just don’t feel it’s a very user friendly piece.”

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Final Design Renderings



Lauren: “SERIOUSLY LOVE IT! Thanks Julianne! You really nailed it with the accessories too, totally my style!”

The Completed Space

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