Design Story: A Havenly Designer’s Mid-Century Modern Home

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Published on March 10, 2017

Here at Havenly we count ourselves fortunate to work with incredibly talented designers. We’re pretty used to seeing their awe-inspiring work for our clients, so we shouldn’t be surprised to discover that our designers’ homes tend to be just as jaw-dropping. Join us on a home tour with Havenly designer Molly B. and get inspired by her beautifully renovated mid-century modern home.

Molly's mid-century modern home entryway

Tucked away off the busy streets of Denver’s downtown shopping district, Molly’s charming historic ranch had all the makings of a stunner, but it needed a little love. The previous owners had completed a major addition that left Molly with bones that are every designer’s dream – beautiful wooden beams across the ceiling of the great room, wood floors throughout and nearly 360 degrees of natural light.

Looking to start with a truly blank slate, her first order of business was a fresh coat of white paint from top to bottom throughout the home. Molly then took a surprisingly patient approach to furnishing the space. Rather than starting with the basics and defining a color palette to work with, she worked backwards. Scouring Craigslist and local vintage stores for pieces that would work with both her minimal and mid-century modern ideas, Molly slowly started adding “perfect” pieces to the design and allowed the color palette to organically define itself.

Molly B's Mid-Century Modern home living room credenza

Her patience was well rewarded. As pieces started coming together over time, her mid-century modern home became focused on neutrals and rich browns adorned with hints of black and gold

We got the chance to sit down with Molly and get her inside perspective on creating a space so memorable that it’s worthy of a feature on MyDomaine – here’s what she had to say.

Molly’s Design Philosophy:

“I would describe my style as minimal, mid-century and, in this home, very light, bright and airy. I believe that clean and simple lines provide the foundation for a space, [and I love] adding just the right amount of layers to make it feel curated and custom. I gravitate to more neutral tones overall and like to add punches of color through objects in the space from flowers to my vintage yellow ice bucket on the bar. [In this space], it was important to me to have variety amongst the art using various mediums from handmade arrows or a vintage 2D Golden Gate Bridge made of molded plastic, to a more modern and abstract painting on canvas. Regarding the furniture, clean lines and a mix of old and new.”

Molly Bevan's mid-century modern home sunroom with wooden beams

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On Achieving Those Lofty Mid-Century Modern #HomeGoals:

The driving goal for my home was to achieve an overall warm and inviting space that I could spend time with my family and friends in. I also wanted the space to feel cohesive and have harmony throughout, while still maintaining definition between the spaces. With an open floor plan in the home it was important to distinguish the living spaces from one another yet have them flow at the same time.”

Molly Bevan's mid-century modern home dining room

 Creating A Kid-Friendly Home:

“The family room area specifically was very important. I wanted a space for my kids upstairs that felt ‘theirs’ where, for the most part, anything goes. From arts and crafts to snack time, homework and board games. I was very deliberate in my choices for a large glass coffee table that is virtually impenetrable to a leather sofa that can take significant wear and tear. The original built-in cabinets provide easy access for the kids and keep all the clutter tucked away when not in use!”

Patience Is A Virtue:

“For me, designing requires a bit of patience (as I experienced when looking for the credenza in my sunroom!). You might not always find the exact piece you are looking for, or even know you need, when you need it. I have learned that I would rather live in an unfinished space and wait for that prized piece that feels specifically curated and custom. One of my most favorite finds is [that] mid-century credenza. It took me a while to find the right piece to anchor the space without feeling heavy. I [finally] came across the credenza at a fabulous vintage story here in Denver and knew the second I saw it I had to have it!”

Molly’s Havenly Process

In working with Havenly clients I always try and insert at least one piece that makes a statement, not so much in a bold way, but a more classic and timeless way that makes it feel like it has been in the client’s home for decades. I believe Havenly’s design process enables clients to get a real sense of what their space can transform into without having to make a large initial investment. From the concepting phase to the final layout and rendering techniques, it is a fluid and easy process that is fun!”

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