Gift-giving season is upon us, and with it the usual anxiety about choosing just the right presents for your friends and family. It can be hard to wade through pages and pages of items on the web and still come up with something unique to gift for the holiday. But, interior designers are basically amazing product-recommending machines. They know what’s trendy, what will be the perfect addition to a space, and where to source all the best, unusual finds! So, given our unusually high level of access to interior designers, we asked our very own Senior Staff Designer Kylee for her favorites gifts this season! Read on for her wishlist picks.

Young Fig Art Print

This print is modern enough to look at home in a minimalist space, but warm enough to bring a cozy vibe to any room. It doesn’t feel overtly summery, either, so it’s perfect for bringing a natural touch to your winter look!

Alpaca Corded Stripe Sham

Kylee says she’s “been really into organic materials and textures lately”, and that’s reflected in this gorgeously linear pillow from RH Modern. It’d make a great addition to a bed or an unexpected touch on a sofa!

Marble + Wood Cutting Board

Another piece that brings in natural textures, this cutting board is a great hostess gift for all of those holiday parties you’ll be attending! The combination of wood and marble is unexpected and makes a great base for a fab cheese platter.

Faux Fur Pom Pom Knitted Throw

Kylee’s designer advice: “everyone needs a cozy knit throw- and the furry pom poms just take it up a notch!” This soft piece will keep you cozy all winter long.

Stoneware Pitcher

A special piece for entertaining that feels handmade but without the handmade price-tag. For a designer touch, do as Kylee does and use the pitcher “as a vase for a bundle of eucalyptus.”

Paddywax White Flowers Old Fashioned Filled Candle

Kylee loves “wintery scents like pine, cedar and sage” for this time of year, and this candle is a great, affordable way to bring them into your home! The graceful ceramic pot it comes in is a beautiful accessory in itself.
With Kylee’s wishlist gifts saved in your shopping cart, you’re bound to have the perfect gift for every occasion. If you still need help picking just the right present, though, our designers are always here to help.

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I love these pieces! They’re very stylish and would definitely be a great addition at any home decor. Thanks for sharing!

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