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This week’s designer tip of the week is brought to you by Havenly’s interior designer, Lauren! Lauren is a magazine editor, prop stylist and interior designer from Des Moines, Iowa. She joined the Havenly team earlier this year with a focus on bohemian, mid-century and modern design. She loves using her home to test design ideas and loves traveling any chance she gets! Here is her tip on decorating with dark walls:


Dark walls don’t have to mean a dim, uninviting space–deep tones can even give lighter pieces a more significant presence than they’d have with a pale backdrop. To design a room with charcoal or richly colored walls, it is important to be mindful of light reflecting through the space. Mirrors, white or light colored furniture, wood tones, plants and metallics bring life to any space, but they are especially important in dark rooms. Welcoming, radiant rooms can really be any level of saturation if they’re styled correctly and thought through. Let’s break out the paint brushes and give into the dark side!

Thanks for the advice, Lauren!

Happy decorating,