Find your style
This week’s designer tip of the week comes from our wonderful designer, Robyn! Robyn is an interior designer, stylist and marketer in Denver (by way of Tucson, Dallas, Miami and Chicago.) Living in different places and seeing all the variety of styles across the country ignited her interest in interior design, and she loves the unique combination of right and left brain activity that the profession provides. True to her bird namesake; she enjoys flying, eating clean and is fatally attracted to shiny objects! Here are Robyn’s ideas on how to maximize a small space:


Robyn P headshot
Do you love living in a small place but struggle with how to show off your big style? Here are some ideas that will help expand your horizons!

1.Perception is everything.

To increase the perceived space in your rooms, consider a sleek sofa or chair with a shorter leg, a clear acrylic or wire over a solid wood coffee table, and curtains hung close to the ceiling.

2.Clean it up.

By keeping your place tidy and accessory styling simple, your guests’ eyes will move across the room to the view out your window, instead of stopping and pondering
the crowded tabletop collection of candles Grandma has gifted you with over the years.

3. Do double duty.

Incorporate a bistro table into an unused corner, and suddenly you have a workstation, dining table and gathering spot. An upholstered ottoman can serve as both a cocktail table and extra seating. (And if it’s a storage ottoman, a place to stash those candles!)

4. Reflect your style.

Incorporate mirrors on walls, in furniture pieces and accessories to help create movement and dimension as well as add natural light to your space. Bonus: you’ll be alerted right away to any vampire visitors!