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TGIF! This week’s designer tip comes from Havenly’s trusted designer, Samantha. Originally from Houston, Samantha moved to Los Angeles six years ago to immerse herself into the design world. She attended Woodbury University, where she had the opportunity to work closely with various architects and designers in Los Angeles. When not designing, Samantha enjoys cooking, attending sporting events, and experiencing new restaurants with her boyfriend. Here are her tips for styling brass, bronze, and gold fixtures.

Sam Pilkington - Havenly Headshot - for now

“While my own rental apartment 80’s brass fixtures may not be all the rage right now, 2015 is showing promise that its brass fixtures and hardware will not disappoint. Brass + copper + gold are making a comeback folks! We’re not talking your grandmother’s brass fixtures either. The important factor here is making sure the silhouette fits the style. Modern brass fixtures have clean lines and stray from intricate scrolling and detailing like similar toned fixtures of the past few decades.

Brass fixtures bring with them a sense of warmth that stainless steel or chrome just can’t give. Just a touch of copper can give a neutral room life. 

Brass hardware and detailing is the perfect way to mimic trends of the past in a modern, more sophisticated way. By using finishes like matte and brushed, brass/copper fixtures are not as bright, nor as showy as fixtures of the 80’s and 90’s. 

So, if you’re interested in finding a new way to add character, quality, and a touch of whimsy or history to your own humble abode, think about adding a few pieces of brass hardware in a bathroom, an adjustable gold lamp in a reading nook, or even, go all out and outfit every fixture in your kitchen in brass! Let your brass desires run wild with this new chic trend! And don’t forget, mixing metals appropriately can add a touch of glam to any space! Don’t fear adding a touch of warmth to a space full of brushed nickel or polished chrome – just remember – the right silhouette and finish will make worth your while.”

Happy decorating,